Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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One secret behind our Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprouts

Ocean Solution™ is a concentrated mineral solution derived from the oceans.  The sea provides the 90+ naturally occurring essential elemental nutrients, essential for healthy seed and plant growth. This is perfect for farms, orchards, pastures, hydroponic growers, gardens and all places where we need strong plant growth. Life is electric, literally. Minerals (as described by Wikipedia) are all electrically charged ions (as described by Wikipedia). Therefore, missing/inadequate levels of minerals = reduced spark = reduced energy = sub-optimal life and health of the organism - plant or animal.

All seeds come with a genetic code. Talk about stating the blindingly obvious! That code determines what the plant seeks in the way of mineral elements in order to create a healthy plant, as all the components are pre-determined by the genetic code. If some of the components are missing, lo and behold, there is going to be a deficiency or sub-optimal performance.

Ocean Solution is perfectly suited for growing wheatgrass hydroponically, i.e. without soil. This is because wheat is one of the few plants capable of utilising ALL the 90+ naturally occurring elements as found in Ocean Solution™

For all these reasons, the crops that create our juices are grown with the aid of Ocean Solution sea minerals. They are offered the whole mineral smorgasboard to choose from! We want the best for the crop and for you.

The benefits of using sea solids – the early version of Ocean Solution™ - were excellently summarised by Dr. Maynard Murray in his groundbreaking work Sea Energy Agriculture. You can read more in this great article, courtesy of Acres USA.

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