Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Natural food – as nature supplies

The nutritional properties of wheatgrass and broccoli are well known and documented. For example, for thousands of years wild animals have happily lived on the complete nutrient supply gained from grasses, without cooking any of it! This goes for smaller ones like rabbits, to huge animals like cows, and even elephants!  This was especially true when soils were fully mineralised, which today they’re not.

We are trying to redress this balance, through feeding the wheatgrass and broccoli sprouts with the maximum possible number of mineral nutrients, garnered from diluted sea water, which itself contains the complete mineral spectrum. Please see the article on "Sea Energy Agriculture" for a revealing explanation.

The many natural and unprocessed nutrients in wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juice are quickly digested, being the same for humans as for animals, thus feeding our bodies with living food.

We are not suggesting wheatgrass or broccoli sprout juices alone can correct poor diets. However, in a society with many strains on our body from additives, poor water, pollution, chemicals and processed food which don't bring any of these extras, our juices served to provide at least a little balance and impart healthy nutrition.

If you want to see why a good diet is so important, try wheatgrass or broccoli sprout juice for a month or two and see if you feel the difference. You'll see on our testimonials page some inspiring examples.

What can a green juice do for you?

Sometimes, and for some people all of the time, our digestive system struggles due to the diet we feed it. Processed foods, breads and pasta, "junk" food etc. including cooked (and especially overcooked) food make life tough for our digestive process. Our digestion process requires energy to function, and therefore the more we ask of it, the more energy it requires. This leaves less for the rest of our body, and with the brain alone requiring c.25%, it's easy to see why we can feel lethargic and slow thinking at times!

Green juices come with a variety of potent ingredients, particularly enzymes and chlorophyll. Often, you'll see chlorophyll referred to as the blood of plants, which is precisely what it is to the plant kingdom. Its molecular structure bears an uncanny resemblance to the haemoglobin, which is at the core of our blood, the only significant difference being magnesium replacing iron as the central atom.

Fresh green vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, which actors microscopic soldiers preventing cellular damage. If through poor diet or misadventure we damage the cells then we need to repair them. The consequences of not doing so are self-evident!

Now that you know this, please find the order page and get yourself a source of the best green juice!

The other side.

There are all sorts of lovely things we would like to tell you about these juices. In fact we would be delighted to give you the full picture. EU regulations will not let us give you this information. Any claim we might make as to the benefits of these juices must first be scientifically proven to the satisfaction of the authorities. Basically that means something rather close to a full-fledged and hugely expensive clinical trial. If what you want to know is here, please email with your enquiry and we may be able to help you. 

Each application for approval to allow us to name each benefit can cost a great deal of money. Even then, the EU has to approve each application and is years behind in processing them, and has denied about 90% of those it has so far reviewed.

Even where a conclusive scientific study has been made at a reputable University and the results have been published in a peer reviewed journal we are not allowed to direct you to that study.  Some large businesses seem to be ignoring these rules. We are too small to be so daring.

You will be amazed by what wheatgrass can do for you. Moreover, you will be totally astounded by the solid, published research that proves the huge and many benefits of broccoli sprouts.


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