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Posted by oliver

After a shamefully long absence, here is a blog! It’s not about the virtues of wheatgrass or broccoli sprout juice, impressive though they may be, but instead is inspired by the excellent recent BBC series “Doctor in the House”. As with much that we see on TV, I caught it by accident and am so pleased to have done so.

The highly personable Dr Chatterjee, from Oldham, visits three very ordinary families in other parts of the country. Each has particular health problems, but probably reflective of a huge proportion of the population, with which doctors like him struggle on a daily basis. It isn’t difficult to understand why the NHS is in such a financial pickle. Some of the drug assortments these people are taking beggars belief. Furthermore, few of those drugs, if any, will have been tested to see what their synergistic effects are of all being taken at once.

Dr Chatterjee begins by listening to each of the families, what their problems are, and what they hope to achieve. With a significant amount of digging, he discovers there are much bigger problems than they are prepared initially to admit to.

How does he resolve what seems often like an intractable problem? His first port of call is their food cupboards and fridge. In each case a huge proportion of the contents end up in a bin bag! Next stop is a sensible shopping list, a reintroduction to cooking their own food rather than reliance on ready meals or fast food, and eating at a table.

Finally he addresses their physical exercise, or lack of, or in one case an excess of. None of the remedial activity involves financial expenditure beyond a pair of shoes.

None of what he did is rocket science. This no doubt that if the NHS invested in sensible dietary advice, and lifestyle advice when necessary, their problems would diminish to an incredibly low and manageable level. The man who sorted his diet out, gets his diabetes under control and should avoid likely limb amputation was very happy. As was the lady who reduced her results to sub-diabetic levels.

We often get told about the SAD (Standard American Diet). The acronym SAD says it all.

You can watch all three programs sometime over the next four weeks, and I highly recommend them. Here are the links.

Programme 1.    Programme 2.  

Programme 3.

Wishing you wellness!