Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

There is an interesting article in BBC News Magazine on the rise in popularity with sports enthusiasts (professional and amateur) of protein drinks.

Why not wheatgrass juice? It has similar protein to many of them at c.3% - which is why it's classified a food, which Tonic Attack established in a VAT tribunal to ensure it is VAT-free (as food).HMRC lost their cynical attempt to claw money out of health conscious consumers on that occasion.

The wheatgrass juice is however 100% natural! For anyone who is curious about whether wheatgrass juice will build protein? Ask a bull! Ask any animal that lives and grows huge and healthy on a diet of predominantly or totally grass.

Alternatively, refer to this site run by the UK's most successful lady marathon runner whose diet included wheatgrass juice. This profile - half way down - shows she was referring to taking 2 shots/day.

I know she was on 5-6 shots/day......because I supplied her with the juice for over a year, while she was in the UK before going to Monaco to live. She used to struggle to get it regularly, but not once she learned my convenient option!

As ever, you can get all the juice you need from us!