Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

At the foundation of all body functions, enzymes are essential activators of chemical reactions that are continually taking place within your body. They are specific catalysts that join with coenzymes (principally vitamins and minerals) to be used by your body to carry out its every exchange.

Research has shown that some time after 26 years of age, your body's production of enzymes begins to slow and the cycle of ageing begins. Clearly, mine is well under way!  As enzymes enable your body to create the necessary reactions for health, adequate levels in your body contribute to an energetic lifestyle.
At birth, you start with enzyme reserves. As your life progresses, so this reserve decreases, and for many this is accelerated as a consequence of an enzyme deficient diet. As we become enzyme deficient, the ageing accelerates. The more we replenish these pressures enzyme reserves, the healthier you'll be. Many don’t realise that that is why we should be eating fresh and ideally raw food.
All food has inbuilt duty to itself, and its species survival, to decay. The leaf will find that much easier, and quicker, whereas the fruit often is encased in something appealing to an animal in order that they will eat it and begin the digestion process when it is excreted from the other end. That doesn’t have to happen, as fruits are often born with enough outer casing of nutrients to enable the sprouting of the seed or stone within to feed off the flesh of the fruit in the new plant’s early life.
Back to food, which is what interests us, when we cook food to temperatures above 118 degrees fahrenheit, we are unintentionally destroying and deactivating the naturally occurring enzymes - and thus ensuring that they no longer work.
A predominantly raw food diet would provide you with adequate amounts of enzymes for health, but most of us eat processed and cooked foods in every meal, and this leaves us short of enzymes. Supplemental vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are essential, and can do their job properly only if the necessary enzymes are accessible.
If you're not feeling noticeable benefits from your supplements, you are probably deficient in necessary enzymes.
You Are What You Eat?
- No... You Are What You Digest!
We cannot expect to remain healthy if our digestive system isn't functioning properly. Enzymes are essential to a healthy digestive process and a healthy body is built with the help of enzymes that transform undigested food into nourishment.
So, get your diet in order, including by consuming sufficient of everything in balance, including juice, and thereby ensure you don’t occupy a chair in your doctor’s surgery or hospital.
Meanwile, if you would like some green juice par excellence, come and get it!