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Posted by oliver
I recently saw a tweet from somebody who runs a juice bar, where they major in selling and promoting wheatgrass juice. This is what he said. “This is the one time each year when wheatgrass grown as nature intended reaches its nutritional peak”.
As I’m also a farmer who grows wheat, I know what he means, but he’s wrong! In terms of an actual crop growing outside in the field, when the crop gets to the point where it creates its first node on its stem, which nodes are designed to be supportive of the extending stem, then it’s nutritionally downhill all the way to the grain harvest. Therefore, grabbing the leaves of the plant before this nodal creation is going to be the nutritional peak for the plant.
What we can’t do is say that this is as nutritious as it should be. Why? Because there are very few fields, if any, where wheat is grown on soil which is completely and proportionately mineralised. The vast majority of land is majorly compromised, being short of many minerals and highly deficient in some. Therefore, although one might get a plant with a green leaf, it doesn’t mean that it’s a leaf that is complete nutritionally. How would one ever know what its short of?
Furthermore, all varieties of wheat are going to have a different nutritional demand. To many, that might seem an odd statement, but in the same way that different people from different countries have different requirements, so it would be with plants. They are all bred differently from different seed stock. The majority of the nutritional need might be similar, but it’s the subtle differences that matter. Well over 99% of our genes are the same as nearly every other living species on the planet. It’s that 1% that differentiates us from everything else, and more to the point differentiates each person from another. 
So, what do we do that makes our indoor grown wheatgrass superior to the outdoor?
Firstly, we do the same thing every day. That means there is no seasonal variation, and every single batch will be equally superb in its nutritional load. We grow everything hydroponically, and therefore control the nutrition that each plant receives. We ensure they have the full menu of mineral elements on offer, by feeding the crop with Ocean Solution. As the name implies, this is straight from the sea, but carefully treated and preserved. The oceans have a complete spread of all the mineral elements in the periodic table. You can hear this tuneful ditty by Tom Lehrer which runs through them all! If nothing else, it’s a tongue twister!
Having made sure that we found the right mineral source, and have given our plant the full buffet, it’s genetics will inevitably simply search out the elements that it needs to create plant perfection. What could be simpler? Leave nature to do its work. By growing the crop indoors under a controlled environment, we can guarantee the quality is the same all year round. That’s what the consumer wants!
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