Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Wheatgrass JuiceWheatgrass juice is derived from naturally grown young wheat plants, the same ones that when fed to wild and farm animals make them grow big and healthy.

We grow the plants and juice them in their entirety. Tonic Attack wheatgrass is grown with a more complete mineral spectrum (from the Ocean SolutionTM) than found in almost all soils.

Are you a coeliac with a wheat allergy? Fear not as this is juice from the leaf, not gluten from the grain, so will have the same beneficial effect on your digestion as any green juice, and have no negative impact for the coeliac condition.

The juice is supplied in handy tins containing 7, 14, 21 or 28 x 33ml sachets, providing 1-4 week’s supply at a daily intake of 1/day. The cost of the single pack is £14 which includes Royal Mail postage.

Ingredients: wheat shoots juice (99.8%) citric acid (0.2%)

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A new packaging process, using only natural ingredients and high pressure, means that the juice can be mailed without requiring it to be chilled, with no deterioration in the quality of the product. The process also ensures total bacteriological control and safety. The pack is designed to fit through your letterbox, so you do not need to be at home to receive your delivery. The juice does not require refrigeration at any point, having a shelf life of 2+ months.

Wheatgrass juice is an excellent food, as opposed to drink, despite what some cynics might think. Tonic Attack proved that to a VAT tribunal - from which all those selling wheatgrass have and will benefit.

As with anything worthwhile, it is not obtained without considerable effort and attention to detail. Many people have traditionally resorted to processed forms of wheatgrass such as pills and powders in order to avoid the chore and time involved in growing and juicing their own. Until recently this was the only alternative as ordinary juice only has a shelf life of one day. 

Pack of 7 wheatgrass sachets and re-usable tin

Fresh pressed, whole, and a raw food! Pure and enzymatically alive!

When wheat grows in the wild, or in our chambers, it converts the nutrients into many things, including chlorophyll, which is what greens juice in plants.

Chlorophyll is almost identical to our blood at the molecular level. The sole difference is that iron is the central element in haemoglobin, whereas for chlorophyll it is magnesium.

You may wish for more info on wheatgrass, and there is good information here.

This is a fresh juice! See our FAQ page for more information about how we package and preserve it.

Please be aware that although these juices are totally naturally produced, they are not certified organic. Our FAQ page has a fuller explanation.

Delivery to UK customers is by Royal Mail - unless you buy 6+ packs. We aim to send recurring orders on the same day to ensure a continuous supply, assuming Royal Mail assists. You may wish to start with an extra order as a 'buffer' stock to cover possible postal delays or Bank Holidays.

juice retail packs and sachet tin

For bulk enquiries (10+ packs) and for more information about our retail packs and prices, please ask via or telephone 01749 812652 and speak to Oliver Dowding.

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