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Posted by oliver

I was reading the latest missive from Karen Knowler, on Friday night. In it she talks about how easy or difficult it is to transition to a diet comprised of anything up to 100% raw ingredients. Naturally, for most people, achieving 100% target is very difficult, especially in the UK in the winter. It requires a special sort of determination to get to that level. It also requires a reasonably strong willed person in order to defend against the cynical comments one is invariably going to hear. If I even mention the subject the whole panoply is unleashed!

The point about Karen’s piece was to question what sort of reaction people would get in announcing to their friends that they had made this decision to eat a raw food diet. After all, it’s not exactly mainstream! Karen did her best to outline how people can make this move, and defend themselves for doing something which will ultimately be extremely healthy.
It seems odd that we need to defend ourselves if we choose to eat in this way. There is little doubt that the raw diet, by and large, is about as environmentally friendly as you can get. By and large, most people would endeavour to eat organic ingredients, fresh wherever possible, and highly unlikely to be eating in excess. Therefore, obesity and the myriad (financially ruinous to the state) ailments and problems will become consequent of excess weight being piled on, would largely not exist. The only downside is that many ingredients need importing. However, as we are the fifth most densely populated country in the world, we already import large quantities of food and so this is hardly going to make any significant worsening of the situation, especially when other factors are fully considered.
Karen made the very insightful point about what a stranger to this planet would think if they met most people in the West and observed their diet. She said, “if aliens visited our planet and observed what we ate, what we considered food and how we treated our most valuable possession (our body), wouldn’t they run off laughing or shaking their heads in disbelief? And yet our immediate families typically think that the more processed and junk food they feed us, the more “loving” and “caring” they’re being! We do know that they mean well, but really…?”
The end result that she surmises would be the best position for most people to target, is the same one that I’ve always suggested to those who ask what the healthiest option could be. Don’t try and be a hero and go from 0 to 100% raw in one fell swoop. Make the change gradually, in a way that is comfortable for your lifestyle, family, your surroundings, your budget, and everything else. After all, you do want to succeed, don’t you? Therefore go at a pace which is likely to be successful.
With summer coming – maybe it’s here already, but nobody can be quite sure – there will be an abundance of fresh unadulterated food for you to feast on. Make the most of it for the next 4 to 5 months. Get stuck in and see how it changes you and how much you can enjoy it. 
When I was reading that, I was reminded of the excellent piece Karen wrote about our wheatgrass juice in 2008. That seems like an eternity ago now! She was commenting initially on the favourable result I’d achieved in the VAT tribunal, where commonsense had mercifully prevailed and the judge concluded that wheatgrass juice is indeed food, and therefore zero rated for VAT. Thank you, Karen! You can read her thoughts here
Then again, maybe its just the easy-to-use juices you need?