Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Many people know that broccoli is good for us. The media constantly remind us of this. But people aren’t sure how it equates to broccoli sprouts, or more typically broccoli sprout juice.

Quite often the question is trying to compare factors or things that are incomparable. One wouldn’t ask how many tomatoes you need to make a mushroom soup!

The critical question is how much sulforaphane and its isothiocyanates does the juice contain. The sulforaphane comes from the breakdown of glucoraphanin using the myrosinase that is in the plant. When the plant is crushed they mix to yield sulforaphane. 

This is what you should be watching out for, as not everything which appears to be the same is the same:

  • Some varieties of broccoli have very little glucoraphanin - you could eat many bowls of this and still not have the required dose!
  • If the glucoraphanin does not get it on with the myrosinase within minutes it doesn't work. Again, get it wrong and you’re going to be unfulfilled. 
  • If you buy an extract that is just glucoraphanin without myrosinase, you could eat 20 tons of this and still be wanting. You might just have a little bit of myrosinase sitting in your gut waiting - but not nearly enough. 

This is the why you need Tonic Attack broccoli sprout juice, and not any limitations. 

  • Our broccoli sprout juice derives from a high glucoraphanin content variety of broccoli - non GM calabrese
  • The broccoli sprouts from sprouting to harvest take just 4 days. The harvest process ensures that glucoraphanin and myrosinase mix instantly. 
  • The juice goes into the sachets immediately and is then treated with ultra-high pressure to lock in the sulforaphane and its isothiocyanates. 

Broccoli sprouts and juice sachets

What does the consumer get in their 30 ml sachet of broccoli sprout juice?  Testing at independent laboratories proves that each 30 ml dose has at least 75 micromoles of the desired isothiocyanates.

What does that mean? 

Studies on cancer, autism and pollution remediation etc published by Johns Hopkins Medical Research Center used a daily dose of 40 micromoles - but noted that there is no known toxic level of dose - i.e. you can’t drink too much. 

Tonic Attack broccoli sprout juice therefore has at least 162% of the suggested daily dose. 

All this is to say that when looking at broccoli, broccoli sprouts, "extracts" or broccoli sprout juice what matters is the amount of the sulforaphane/isothiocyanates delivered.

Don’t compromise, get the best!