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Posted by oliver

I just love hearing people ring up and tell me wonderful stories of how wheatgrass juice that we’ve supplied has helped them. Naturally, in line with legislative obligations, you wouldn’t expect me to suggest that just because somebody has had a wonderful experience that it will be in any way replicable. Even if that were to happen several times. We are not allowed to say that anything that happens once is worth a row of beans. Or a sachet of wheatgrass or broccoli sprout juice!

This particular lady had been at her cancer daycare centre. She was in discussion with a fellow patient, and he pointed out that his regular blood transfusions had been postponed on several occasions, the most recent being for three weeks. The major factor in his opinion, as not much else in his life had changed, was that he’d been drinking our wheatgrass juice in significant quantity.
The lady who rang up was clearly hoping to gain the same benefit. Even if only in a minor way. She is currently undertaking platelet transfusions three times a week, which in itself is a debilitating experience and one which were many can be seen negatively.
I was intrigued to hear her refer to the way in which the surgeons talked about the patient’s alternative nutritional options. The surgeon even asked if any of them had been trying celery juice! They hadn’t. I’m not sure why it was suggested.
What it did remind me of was the customer in the past who had been taking wheatgrass juice, two shots per day, as he had cancer. At the time when he began, and I only saw these photos long after the event and by chance, his blood cells were in an appalling state. The microscope photo showed them all clumped together, being therefore highly inefficient and of little value to his body. Three months later, which was when the next photo was taken, it showed the live cells “running” around: it was a total transformation. The clumps had all broken up, and there was something approaching a more normal distribution.
Naturally, he was incredibly happy, and kept on drinking the juice, and eating the right foods – whereas before he had not been drinking wheatgrass juice. I suppose one could say that the strategy should be to adopt raw foods, many different vegetables, everything else that is green, and to adopt a natural and healthy approach to all aspects of life. I’d also suggest organic as being the de facto number one choice. This customer went into full remission.
It’s worth pointing out that he was only doing this because the NHS had written him off, saying they could do no more. Desperate times for anyone, but he found an answer that worked for him.
That’s all, until I get another wonderful story from another impressed customer. Here are some more wonderful tesimonials!