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February 2019

I bought some of your wheatgrass juice yesterday and am  already feeling the benefit! I've been quite rundown and was in need of a good tonic. I'm excited to think I might find something that can help restore my energy levels. Fran

January 2019

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. Thankfully it is contained in the prostate. He was put on a monitoring programme which measures this PSA every three months. His first test gave a reading of 4.8, but this rose at the next test to 7 which was extremely worrying. After a while drinking broccoli sprout juice daily, is next test fell to 4.54. I'm so excited to tell you that his latest test was 4.02, this being his lowest result yet. We are totally convinced this excellent score is a result of taking the broccoli sprout juice every day, as nothing else in his lifestyle and diet has really changed. Thank you so much for your support. Please feel free to share our news with anyone who may be interested and that it may encourage to try the juice. With best wishes, Virginia.

November 2017

After a fortnight's "trial", Michelle said "we are feeling better every day  thanks to your wheatgrass juice! We would like to order a regular delivery, please." That's easily done.

October 2017

Rod says: "this is to let you know that I had a bladder cancer tumour removed in April 2014. Since then I have had a sachet of your broccoli sprout juice every day, whether in the UK or abroad. I have a cystoscopy every six months to check whether the cancer has returned. Although the chances of recurrence are 70%, I'm happy to be able to tell you that so far I am clear. Furthermore, the chances of recurrence after this interval are reducing. Also, I've not developed any other cancers which was always a high probability. I'm now 74 and will continue taking the juice, so thank you."

September 2017

Dawn says: "thank you for running your business with integrity. In my quest to find the best commercially produced wheatgrass juice I've approached a number of companies and none have  responded to my questions with the honesty which you do. They will never receive my custom and I'm delighted  to have found somebody offering an excellent service and product".

July 2017

Leigh wrote to tell me "I've moved home again. Please change the address for my fortnightly order. Over the years on the broccoli sprout juice I swear I haven't aged! It's an excellent product"

June 2017

Hazel let me know that she'd moved house move and this is interrupted her regular supply of both broccoli sprout juice and wheatgrass juice. She said "I swear by your juices and can't wait to start drinking them again. I thought the move would be stressful but it was actually anything but".

January 2017, ST,

My son has Asperger's, and generally has issues regarding social interaction, along with anxiety and various sensitivities.

After about a week of drinking the broccoli sprout juice we started to see an increase in what you could term as "banter". At around week three there were comments coming from his school that he seemed to have become calmer whilst in lessons. It may be a coincidence, but he had his first "A" grade in maths, for which his previous best was "C" grade.

We are on week eight and now it feels as if he is still improving. We know that genetically he has some underlying weaknesses with methylation, MTHFR and sulphation in particular. We support his health with a number of supplements to help known deficiencies. Since using the juice we feel that there has been a real positive impact on his overall well-being, along with some welcome improvements in his typical behaviour. He still has some daily issues, but we are seeing an increase in the positives.

When you find something that improves his overall health you want to keep on giving it to him. I would really like to continue to support his health in this way.

December 2016

I have noticed a real improvement with my skin. I suffer really badly with itchy skin, and it doesn't bother me as much now. So, I think after a couple of months of taking the wheatgrass that my skin should be brand-new!!! Sarah

August 2016: a customer, D.S., writes:

"I just wanted to thank you for the surprise extra sachet in my last order. (Oliver: it happens occasionally!) I also like the way you reply with honesty to emails. In my quest for the best wheatgrass juice, produced commercially, I have emailed other companies asking them how they grow and juice their wheatgrass. I've never received a reply from any of them and will never buy from them. Thank you for running your business with integrity."

August 2016: a cheery weekly customer, L.H., emailed: "I'm really enjoying the broccoli sprout juice - I think I've stopped ageing because of it!"

 July 2016: a lady, E.D., wrote about her experience with her autistic son once he started on broccoli sprout juice.

Since drinking the broccoli sprout juice, my son (who is 9) has been making much more sound, where before he hardly made a squeak.  We need the broccoli sprout juice, and for him to drink it like water! Thank you for producing this wonderful food.


May 2016: This is a customer who has been testing the broccoli sprout juice on her autistic son:

I started the broccoli sprout juice last week. Since starting he has been a different man! Recently we went to the zoo, and during the last few years on such visits he seemed to just go through the motions. He seemed to be not that interested, with more interest shown in the zoo shop.

This time was different! He was calm and relaxed and smiling! He went happily on the bus, which he hasn’t been on for years. Overall in everyday life he is more relaxed and engaged. Thank you!  I will definitely order another batch. 


And this is another one!

I was approached to see if I would be interested in doing a trial for the above juice back in November 2014.  With Christmas and the holidays we did not start this until the New Year as we wanted to monitor it carefully and diarise changes etc. 

Our son, James, was diagnosed in July 2013 with severe autism.  We are running the Son Rise Programme which is a 3.5 year programme run by the Autism Treatment Centre of America.  We have kept a diary and also asked his nursery and taxi driver/travel carer to keep one too.  The results have been promising and very noticeable.

We noticed that James’s concentration, focus and eye contact were much improved.  One thing which stood out was his awareness of others around him.  One time was at the swimming pool, James was watching people walking past him, and he was noticing other people in his world.  James has had great eye contact to the point where he would come up and hold your face and kiss you: that was a great moment.  James’s nursery noticed an increased awareness and concentration and also his ability to sit at the lunch table with the other children. 

James finished his trial the week commencing 16th February and there has been a noticeable regression.  James’s focus has deteriorated, his concentration is not so good, he ism’s a lot (goes into his own world), he is not saying as many words as he was or repeating our words to him.  He also trances a lot since coming off the juice.

I said I would do a report on James’s trial and I am happy to share this for other families to view.  We are very keen to continue the use of the Sprout Juice and would like to order this from you. We are looking at ordering this monthly or whichever most cost effective way is best. We are very very pleased with the results and sure that this will benefit other children/adults too.


I am really enjoying my daily fix of broccoli sprout juice. Well done. A brilliant idea, well executed. Even Mrs M is eyeing the product!  Hugh.


A customer in Galway, after consuming one sachet of each juice for six weeks, and who is diabetic, noted that:
a) his insulin use had declined dramatically.
b) he was seeing improvements to his damaged knee cartilage, which had been in poor declining condition for 20 years.
[Tonic Attack says: this is not a medical claim, simply a report of one person's experience. We are all different, but clearly this juice has worked very well for him.]


Sometimes a customer can induce a silly (but very happy) grin on my face! Today (11.3.15) a customer did just that. She made a repeat order for yet another box of broccoli sprout juice. Her husband is a cancer patient. She told me that his nurse commented, following his 3rd round of chemo, that she had never seen such good bloods! The nurse doesn't understand why it could be so good. Sandra gave her a few ideas and some literature to read. There can be no promises over the repeatability of such results, because we are all individuals (but not as in Monty Python's famous sketch). We all have different lifestyles, bodies, diets, etc.


"I love healthy food!!!!! It's very good for you if you want to have a beautiful skin and body" Marina Izurzu


This one from a returning customer.  "The juice is fab! It tastes even better than I rememeber! My daughter has agreed to try it too. Well, after 6 hrs driving to and from London and a day decorating a flat there and I am not floored! So it must be working. It's magic!"  Polly.


"I can't speak highly enough about your fabulous service. For me, wheatgrass juice provides much higher levels of energy, reduced tiredness and greatly increased clarity right through the day. I feel more like superwoman than in the days before I came across wheatgrass juice. Thank you! Please keep sending me your excellent product." TG


This one really wowed me! What a wonderful thought that this person "has their life back" and has managed to gain in a way that all the conventional options, medics and drugs failed. Once again, let food be your medicine!!

Jill E says.... "Dear Oliver.  I can’t thank you enough for having created this superb juice. I’ve been afflicted with M.E. for over 20 years, and it’s effectively meant I’m housebound.

This is phenomenal juice, and I’m so indebted to your being there and my finding you. It’s a funny old world that I wouldn’t have found you and resolved the energy slump created by M.E. if I hadn’t had a 6th recurrence of skin cancer and rejected the conventional options and done some searching of my own. I’d have been doomed to continue “existing” in my listless condition. Now I have my life back.

During the past 20 years I’ve also been battling with skin cancer.  When it returned for the 6th time I felt it imperative to look for something other than the conventional options which I’d been treated with previously. During that searching phase, I came across your broccoli sprout juice. I knew that I wanted some of that! Time will tell on its efficacy, but I feel confident that it will be of great assistance.

The real winner for me was when I also decided to try your wheatgrass juice. Wow, how phenomenal is that!! Not only have I been housebound for most of the last 20 years, with the M.E. being “severe” for most of that time, I’ve also had the energy of a gnat. Being out of bed for more than two hours was a challenge, and significant physical exertion was a nonstarter. I’m no spring chicken, being over 60, and most definitely was increasingly unhappy with my condition.

I’ve tried many things over these 20 years to try to boost my energy, and although some things give a temporary respite, nothing has been durable or particularly effective. Until I tried the wheatgrass juice! Within 24 hours I received a massive energy boost! Since then, taking my daily wheatgrass shot together with one of broccoli, I’ve been able to get out in the garden and be active, clean up all sorts of things I’d been putting off for years, go up in the attic and sort out loads of clobber that had accumulated there and do many other things.                                                                                                                                                 


Thanks for the quick delivery of my juice.  You asked what led me to your website, I was reading some info about wheatgrass juice on Cancer Tutor and they had a link to your website.  Unfortunately I'd just ordered a two month supply of frozen wheatgrass juice but I will start ordering your wheatgrass juice once my frozen supply has gone as I don't find the frozen to be a very convenient method. Carol                                                                                                                                               


Just a quick message to say my dad is very grateful for the extract (juice) that you included last month and this. He's taking his broccoli sprout juice every day, and his condition remained stable, we all believe it is helping! Many thanks indeed. Marc
"I find your customer service impressive, and I wish you lots of success." Ute Wastcoat, April 2014
"I loved the samples - packaging is lovely and I loved the tin.  They taste good too." Joanne Croviini Feb 2014
"Thank you, Oliver, for spotting my PayPal problem.  All now resolved.  I really like the way you make such prompt despatch of orders, the varied packaging, and especially your thoughtfulness with the messages that come with the juice. I am always pleased to do business with you as I feel you are such a genuine company, with such a good product".  Howard Sheldon
"We found the juices absolutely superb, and really felt the benefits within the first few days of drinking them. More energy, better digestion and a general feeling of well-being.   We are now living in Bali, hence the reason we stopped the order. Otherwise we would definitely have carried on. Thank you so much for providing a truly great service." Nigel and Rebecca
"Loving the juices! You can smell and taste the natural goodness that is packed into them.
So handy and easy. There is no excuse for people not to be taking these into work every day!
Many thanks"  Suzie :-)
"I've just received my order today, after placing it yesterday. I had to contact you to say how impressed I am with your service, especially as I live in Northern Ireland. Even the packaging is superb. I will without doubt be ordering from you. Time and again."
Many thanks, Thomas Boyle. 
Hi Oliver
Thank you for your email. I will be ordering this wheat grass on a regular basis from you. I have tried this in the past and it is the best pre packed wheat grass on the market. The problem has always been getting an easy source of the product. Having tried your site today I can say it was by far the best experience I have had, when trying to buy vegus wheat grass. Your site was very easy to use and judging by your expected arrival date, the quickest delivery.
Alan Armstrong
"I've been meaning to re-order my wheatgrass – but have been unable to immediately. HOWEVER – Boy, did I notice (and others saw it in me) How great my skin/energy was. I will reorder soon....... It's such a wonderful product! Also, I am certain the wheatgrass juice helped my stamina/stress etc . All through my mother's death/funeral/grieving. I upped it to 2 shots per day........ And, weirdly, someone said I looked so well despite it all........, glowing, was the word! Not exactly what I was feeling! Anyway, I thought you might like to know – proves to me that this wheatgrass juice is a good product!"
Polly Noakes
"Thank you very much for your email. As you know, I already have faith in the benefits of the broccoli juice and I believe I am keeping well because of it. To be able to have the wheatgrass juice as well can only be more beneficial and so I am happy to accept the most generous offer contained in your email and I thank you for that. Please also pass on my thanks to your producer. I am also happy to say I have just had my 4th x three monthly check up which shows no return of the small cell cancer so far.  I'm sure there are many more of us out there who would benefit from the juices. I tell as many people as possible to help 'spread the word'." 
"I now take your wheatgrass everyday and I must say I really love it. I take so many different supplements that is difficult to observe their effect individually. However, I feel the goodness of your wheatgrass straight away in lack of cravings, strength, stamina etc.
I also love your warm and candid communications."
Rian Torres, Health Etcetera
"I cannot thank you enough for being so patient and answering all of my questions a few weeks ago. I'm sorry for not getting back to you soon after you had taken the time to answer my questions so thoroughly and promptly. However, with a family problem to sort out and some very sick people to take care of each week, I have had my hands full.
May I say that the juices taste delicious. The consignment arrived safely in the post, and this method really seems to work. It is going to be very helpful to me indeed, especially with my demanding job. I like the way it is packaged for the mail, and the tins are also going to be a great asset to my home. What a brilliant idea.
Lisa Simpson, who compiles the blog "Raw Liberty", and also now sells excellent raw foods, wrote a wonderful review in December 2010 of her experience with the juice, and opinions of wheatgrass juice overall.
Karen Knowler, a.k.a. The Raw Food Coach, said "I’ve known Oliver, the owner of Tonic Attack, for many years now, and one thing that was clear about Oliver from the start was his complete passion, commitment and dedication to bringing the most potent live foods to the UK market. Not only that but his integrity in doing so was, and remains, impeccable, and in this field of all fields don't we all rely on this level of integrity in our suppliers and service providers to be able to live the quality of life that we want? How delighted I am then, to be sitting at my desk enjoying – with absolutely no effort on my part – high-potency wheatgrass and broccoli juice of the highest standard. It really does taste as if it has been freshly juiced, and I can feel the goodness flowing through my veins – just as I do with fresh-off-the-press juices. I am blown away! I didn’t think this could be possible – but it is! I highly recommend that you check them out. In fact, recommend is an understatement. This juice is amazing."
Karen Knowler
I am writing to thank you for the trouble you took to ensure that I received the Wheatgrass Juice in time to give on Christmas Day.  I am told it was delivered by a gentleman, and whether it was you or someone connected to Sonya,  I am truly grateful.  When I returned on Christmas Eve and saw the package on the side,  I thought this is the real spirit of Christmas.  If you had seen the recipient's pleasure when he opened the parcel,  you would have been pleased too.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.                                                                                           Jackie Josey
May I thank you for your "personal service", whenever I have had a problem with delivery etc.  You have been truly "professional" but not only that have always made me feel if I was "important".
Hi, Oliver,
If you remember, I underwent three shoulder surgeries in March – so making me envious by asking if I've won any championships is not really on! 
However, my surgeon is flabbergasted at my ability to heal – saying that I cannot be compared to a "normal person" – now I wonder why?!?!
I've been training since June 1st and am now only a few kilos off my world powerlifting records. The green stuff works!!!
"Excellent and I forgot to say how much I really appreciate your having stuck with this project and your commitment to helping us benefit from such an excellent product.  I remember the months I was on your Wheatgrass as a period of great energy and good health and I can't wait to get back to that level of health!"
Dominic Davies
I feel more lively and energetic when consuming the juice. – Alistair
Since taking wheatgrass I have much more energy every day. – Paula
It seems more bio-available than the capsules/powder and I don't have to juice it myself. Benefits are too many to mention - it's a superfood. – Rosie
I like the convenience of wheatgrass in a sachet. It is very original and the timing is just right for a product like this. – Kate Wood, proprietor Raw Magic, Brighton
Excellent kick-start to the day. – Wendy
I tried a week’s supply of Tonic Attack wheatgrass. The testimonials on the website encouraged me to persevere, even though I don’t like the taste of wheatgrass. A week isn’t long enough to give it a fair trial however I stayed awake and alert deeper into the night than the norm, and now I’ve finished the supply I’m aware I’ve reverted back to my standard bedtime. Definitely worth checking out. Francesca Cassini, Editor The Changing Times.
“What can I say but thank you? Already I feel energised and my eyes and skin are shining. Please send more!” - Rachel
I am a raw food, author and lifestyle coach. I have been taking wheatgrass juice during the whole of my last five years living and eating with a raw food lifestyle. I find greens of all kinds to be the most nourishing, alkalising and uplifting foods for my body. Their nutrient density takes my health to a new level. Wheatgrass is a particularly powerful healing food that has been enjoyed for decayed by health seekers all over the planet. I love the way that Tonic Attack have taken the availability of wheatgrass juice to a new level, by producing it in bottles that people can use to tank up on nutrients during a whole week, rather than juicing up wheatgrass themselves at home. This is a great service and I feel it should help people get more greens into their food intake and a very easy way. I love this product.

"I've been spreading the word about your wonderful products so you should have some orders coming in from up these neck of the woods. I’ll also be reordering soon for a new supply as I’m also ensuring my mum and dad take this on a regular basis.  RB"



Because of new EU Regulations we are no longer permitted to include the personal testimonials containing references or claims relating to any medical condition and these have therefore been removed from this site. In our eyes they nonetheless remain valid. These testimonials feature a range of comments from various people, simply wishing to express their satisfaction with the product they purchased from us. They are not guarantees but purely reflections of individual experiences.