Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Wonderful news! Researchers are now stretching their gaze beyond pills. Serious scientists are looking towards food as being the way of the future for health care.  They are looking to see which foods have the best active compounds.

Recently news has broken that broccoli has great potential for helping diabetics, and even reversing the condition.  How?  Because the key ingredient, sulforaphane, has a potent impact.  

Broccoli head

Diabetics are impacted by abnormal insulin control, this allows their blood sugar levels to rise. Long-term this has further   negative implications including increased risk of heart attacks, blindness and kidney problems. Artificial insulin isn’t able to prevent this.

Sulforaphane is being used in various trials, and has shown promising results with rats, lowering their blood glucose levels.  More on this can be read here.

In the trials on diabetic humans, they were using super high levels of sulforaphane. This means that an individual would need to consume something like 5kg of broccoli per day! Fortunately, the Tonic Attack broccoli sprout juice comes with a massively enhanced concentration of sulforaphane. Something like 30 times that of the broccoli head. So, three sachets will probably provide the hundredfold increase the trials suggest would be needed.Broccoli Sprouts

Needless to say, there is an effort underway to put the sulforaphane into a pill, patent it, and no doubt flog it back to the NHS (you and me) for a small fortune.

Meanwhile, the broccoli sprout juice is available right now! No patents is required because it’s a natural food. You can benefit from the high levels of sulforaphane in their natural form.

Juice sachets