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Posted by oliver

2018 is almost certain to bring more house misery than 2017 to more people. It’s a sad reality of “modern life”, the pressures upon many people in the corporate influence.

We will also see a greater deluge of appeals for our ££’s to find a cure for this scourge. But the cost will be astronomic and probably beyond affordable (by an overstretched NHS) in many cases.

We won’t see, unless, in my opinion, pigs fly, a massive upsurge in funding to provide policies to enable better lifestyles, or curtailment of promotion of products which cause cancer, etc.

We can be sure that Channel 4 will feature more programmes as part of their “Stand up to Cancer” series.

These will focus heavily on the understandable emotiveness of the people involved.  There is a danger with this that the “human” element, grim and challenging as it is, overshadows the more important part – what are the causes of cancer in the first place.

They will undoubtedly also feature plenty of adverts for “lifestyle aids” (such as mobile phones) etc, which are often accredited with being among the causes of cancer! There will be a profusion of fast or processed food adverts to tempt viewers and consumers. When did you last see an advert for a lettuce, broccoli, or any food in its natural state?  Why aren't the NHS boffins and leading medics pushing more towards this area?  Prevention beats cure!

What is it about modern “civilisation” that has prevented us from joining dots, which are too often obscured by a presented smokescreen?  Meanwhile many well-meaning people will raise £millions to “fight cancer” but will they raise the profile of diet and lifestyle which has a major part to play in preventing cancer in the first place?

I find it disappointing that most of the major cancer charities feature little of nothing about diet on their websites.  Why? 

To be fair, Bowel Cancer UK does have a good page on this.

Will the TV campaign do anything to debate these issues?  With many suggesting that over 40% of cancers have diet or lifestyle as a major part of the causes, as in this 2011 BBC report, what will we individually do to change that? 

Will anyone in the NHS take up the cudgels on our behalf, is the increasing privatisation going to undermine that? Will they stop selling some of the agents of cancer in the shops in hospitals?

Let’s feed good habits not sloppy or dangerous ones.  Let’s encourage those we love to do the same – while they can.