Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Gardeners and farmers up and down the land will soon be busily sowing seeds for a new season’s crops. However, we would all like warmer soil to plant them into!

Those of us who sprout seeds in order to eat the young sprouted plant will know how rapidly this process works. Right now I’ve got broccoli seeds in the sprouter, just germinated, and in a few days I will be harvesting a nice crop to eat. For those who’ve never done so, I can tell you that they have a slightly “hot” taste. A very strong taste which is highly desirable.
What is so wonderful about broccoli sprouts? They are low in calories, protein-rich and full of powerful phytochemicals, which are compounds in plant foods that offer health benefits. These compounds have dual roles, both protecting the fledgling plant, but also being of antioxidant value to us.
As with all crops, the younger they are when you eat them, and the least adulterated (i.e. not cooked/irradiated etc) the more concentrated the nutrients will be, and the higher their vitality. If you had to organise a race between two people were the prize was crucial, would you trust a vigourous youth as opposed to a mature adult? You would go for the dynamic young option every time.
Johns Hopkins University scientists found that the SGS (Sulphorophane Glucosinalate) concentration in three- to four-day old broccoli sprouts is 20 times higher than the concentration in full-grown broccoli plants. I don’t know where they grew them, but ours are grown with Ocean Solution, ensuring they have the maximum mineral supply. Whether we have a higher level than they recorded, I don’t know, but 20 times is an amazing boost.
Sulforaphane stimulates the body's immune system to protect cells against free radical damage. Much of the benefit is due to the fact that sulforaphane inhibits disease progression by initiating the death of damaged cells.
What we do is to bring to you the juice from these sprouts, which are harvested at their youthful, vitality rich stage, and then squeezed to extract all the juice. Bingo!