Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Broccoli sprouts: what’s so great about them? They have the most fantastic key ingredient, sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS). This is a totally natural compound, found in quite a number of cruciferous plants. The big bonus for us humans is that it is a great assistant in providing us with an antioxidant function in our bodies. 

The broccoli sprouts provide a reliable means to source a consistent daily intake. As we all know, our diets are horribly compromised, and we often feel confused as to how we might put that right. 
Important research was published in 2011, entitled “Potential health benefits of sulforaphane: A review of the experimental, clinical and epidemiological evidences and underlying mechanisms.” This was published by Fawzy Elbarbry and Nehad Elrody in the Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 5(4), pp. 473-484  
They looked extensively at the effect of this juicy compound our health. The main conclusions they reached were as follows.
“Extensive epidemiological evidence and animal experimental studies suggest that cruciferous vegetables may prevent or delay various inflammatory disorders, including cancers. Much of this chemo-preventive effect has been attributed to the physiological effect of the isothiocyanates, especially sulforaphane (SF). Sulforaphane has been proven as a potent protector against oxidative damage and carcinogens. A plethora of clinical effects are reported in various experimental diseases as well as human clinical studies. This review summarizes the present knowledge about the health effects of sulforaphane with possible underlying mechanisms for these effects based on the reported in vitro and in vivo studies.
These studies suggest that SGS has the potential to reduce risk of various types of cancers, diabetes, atherosclerosis, respiratory diseases, neuro-degenerative disorders, ocular disorders, and cardiovascular diseases.“
Other research has found that the heat-stable, water-soluble glucosinolates usually co-exist in plant cells with the enzyme myronsinase, which hydrolyses glucoraphanin to sulphorophane, but is normally inactive. This is because it is physically segregated from the glucosinolates. When we chew our food, or use other preparation methods, this frees up the enzyme and enables the formation of sulphoraphane (Shapiro 1999; 2001).
Now for the very best bit! The plants themselves have high levels of SGS was the seed sprouts, a compound multiplies to become 20 to 50 times more concentrated during those first few days of growth. That's why the broccoli sprout juice should be seen as a wonderful food. Because we don't heat treat what we produce, the compounds are left unadulterated and just as "nature intended". If you fancy some of this wonderful broccoli sprout juice, then we'll send it to you!