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Posted by oliver

What's best to eat?

I liked this from Mike Adams at  He is a superb detective for the skulduggery going on within the American legislature, and the corporate world.

My rule about food is first, eat REAL food. Second, supplement it with superfoods to increase your nutrient density. And third, buy organic wherever possible and avoid highly processed foods like the plague. Anything that's artificially altered (homogenized, hydrogenated, hydrolyzed, etc.) or contains chemical additives (food colors, MSG, aspartame, etc.) is to be avoided entirely.

It's a simple yet powerful formula for healthy eating. And it's part of the reason why I carry no health insurance and never visit doctors. Why would I? I eat anti-cancer foods every day, so my risk of cancer is practically zero. I follow a healthy, living foods diet that's rich in nutrients, so my risk of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, liver disorders and other diseases is also about as close to zero as you can reasonably get in modern society.

I let my food be my medicine, and in doing so, I save about a thousand dollars a month compared to the expenditures of a typical consumer who's buying health insurance and prescription drugs.

Care to guess where I spend that thousand dollars a month? You guessed it: On organic foods and superfood products!

That's my health insurance: Real food, superfood and exercise. It works a whole lot better than Obamacare for me. Plus, I never have to wait in line at the doctor's office or the pharmacy. That saves all kinds of time that I'd rather spend writing articles for folks like you!

So, there you have it - eat wisely!