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Posted by oliver

Testimonials – what are they worth?  I don’t record every occasion when someone lavishes praise on the power or impact that the broccoli sprout or wheatgrass juices bring to them and their health.  Not all customers comment, but many often do, apart from through being a regular customer, and for a multitude of reasons. Rather than hide them away, I thought I would publish some as it is good to share. I should state that they are not medical endorsements but just individual people’s experiences and views. Here are a few! 

 “This is to let you know that I had a bladder cancer tumour removed in March 2014, and since then I have had a sachet of your broccoli juice sprout juice every day, and I have had Cystoscopies every 6 months to check whether the cancer had returned. Although the chances of a bladder cancer recurrence are 70%, I am happy to be able to report that I have been clear so far, and the chances of a recurrence after this time are lessened. Also. I have not contracted any other cancers, and I do tell my friends about this. I am now 74 years old, and will continue taking the juice – so, thank you!”  Rod, Oct 2017

My son has Asperger’s and generally has issues regarding social interaction, along with anxiety and various sensitivities.  After about a week of drinking the broccoli sprout juice we started to see an increase in what you could term as "banter". At around week three there were comments coming from his school that he seemed to have become "calmer" whilst in lessons. It may be coincidence, but he had his first "A" grade in maths, for which his previous best was "C" grade.  We are on week eight now and it feels as if he is still improving. We know that genetically he has some underlying weakness with methylation, MTHFR and sulphation in particular. We support his health with a number of supplements to help known deficiencies. Since using the juice we feel that there has been a real positive impact on his overall well-being, along with some welcome increases in typical behaviour. He still has daily issues, but we are seeing an increase in the positives. When you find something that improves his overall health you want to keep on giving it to him. We would really like to continue to support his health in this way.  Stephen. 

I hope things are still going well for you! Thanks for the excellent service - I swear I haven't aged in the years since I started taking the broccoli sprout juice.  Leigh.

I felt no stress what so ever with the house move: I swear by your juices and can’t wait to start drinking both of them again – 1 per day each!  Hazel

I like the fact that you reply with honesty to emails.  In my quest for the best wheatgrass juice produced commercially 
I have emailed other companies asking them how they grow and juice their wheatgrass and have never received a reply,
so I will never buy from them. Thank you for running your business with integrity. Dawn

5* Fabulous products that really work! You can keep taking your wheatgrass even if you go away - so easy to take the sachets with you, rather than powders. Oliver is a dream to work with; helpful, efficient and knows so much interesting information.  Virginia

I love Tonic Attacks' broccoli sprout juice and wheatgrass juice! So many nutrients in one shot and the best health insurance policy all for just £2/day!  Thanks Tonic Attack!  Tracey

"I now take your wheatgrass every day and I must say I really love it. I take so many different supplements that is difficult to observe their effect individually. However, I feel the goodness of your wheatgrass straight away in lack of cravings, strength, stamina etc.  I also love your warm and candid communications."  Rian – who runs the excellent Health Etcetera in Kingston upon Thames.