Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Let’s leave aside those people who are totally convinced that humans are only meant to eat meat. They love to tell you that we’re equipped with loads of meat eating teeth, conveniently forgetting that there are only four in our mouth, out of a grand total of 32.  So non-meat eating wins that argument!

Plants are just like humans.  They suffer equally from all the allopathic crap and poisons that cause most of the health problems that we all face.  With many (nay, almost all) plants living on poor soil is like humans living in a famine. Therefore, we should only be eating foods from mineral rich soils.
If only that were possible. We know that most soils are starved of many nutrients. In some cases it may be only a single nutrient, but.......if that’s the golden key to the successful completion of that plant development, then it’s clearly going to be a deprived and incomplete plant. Therefore, so will we be un-fulfilled when we consume that plant. It may not be that significant, but then we all react differently to the different things we eat.  The impact may not be immediate, but gradual, and when it "hits" there can be serious implications. 
That’s why we feed our wheatgrass and broccoli sprouts with ocean solution, because the sea is the complete repository for all the individual chemical elements. The whole alphabet lives out there, and we have brought it in to feed the wheat and the broccoli plants that we then go on to juice. You wouldn’t be expecting the people who sold you a car to have built it without one of the components. So why would you expect your food to be created incompletely?  Why?
By feeding right, you will be right. If you read some of the great sources of knowledge and research on this, you will find I am right! And they will often direct you to eat superfoods, and ones grwon in the best possible ways.   David Wolfe is one of the most revered supporters of a healthy diet. preferring a raw food diet.  He tells everyone, get wheatgrass juice and make sure it's been grown with Ocean Solution...So, we do this, and deliver the benefits to you!! 
So we feed our plants properly and make sure they are healthy.  If farmers did so and ensured their soils were rich in organic matter and all elemental nutrients, then many common plant health problems do not even arise! Most plant "diseases" are simply fungi and bacteria trying to survive in a famished environment.  Just like many people.