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Posted by oliver

Whilst I’ve been sending out newsletters, I’ve unforgivably neglected the blog. Much has been happening which is extremely exciting, especially with regard to broccoli sprout juice.

1. Firstly there was the powerful research released following the study undertaken in China. They were using broccoli sprout juice in a trial, with the other group being fed a placebo juice to assess the potential for broccoli sprout juice to remove pollutants from the body. As we all know, many Chinese cities are among the worst polluted in the world. Therefore there is great interest in utilising the simplest and cheapest means possible to both detox people and also maintain the health of the population. Or perhaps I should say, stop their health sliding into some dreadful place we wouldn’t want to contemplate. 

This research was publicised widely at the time, in July, including on the BBC. They are normally very reluctant to have any commercial tag to a story, but I was delighted when a researcher rang me up asking if I could supply them some juice to put on the newscaster’s desk when they were reporting the story. As you can imagine, I scurried off to the post box and they had the juice the next morning. That’s exactly the same treatment that I give you when you order it!

After the story had been reported, the newscaster and science reporter both agreed to drink some juice. The newscaster muttered about the bitter taste, whereupon the science reporter pointed out that that was the ingredients that would doing him “all the good stuff”, as he put it.

2. The second bit of news that came out related to autism. The Johns Hopkins University have undertaken research which indicates that for those with autism there is a significant behavioural advantage when drinking the juice. You can read more about this research here - its a pdf file. Once again, a simple food trumps a complex and expensive drugs for a significant number of autistic people. I can be dismayed when I see how readily the NHS, and endless numbers of so-called “scientists” dismiss the power of food to have a remedial, restorative, balancing or beneficial impact upon health. By and large they tend to downplay anything natural and prefer to be complex (scientific, in their terms) and therefore lumbering the NHS with unmanageable financial burdens.

3. The third heartening story came this week. I have to thank one of my customers, William, for highlighting this to me. He recalled that I don’t read the newspapers, and gather most of my news online, or on the radio/TV! The Times, and many other papers, and even the BBC business section, ran a story that a small company is planning a big fundraising initiative to try to develop a pill which will contain, as far as I can understand, nothing more than our juice already does! They are hoping to persuade investors to stump up £20 million for the pleasure. You can read more about their speculative endeavours here. You can then go to the broccoli sprout juice page on the website, and discover that our juice has got all those ingredients in just one single sachet, which you can take every day. Fortunately you won’t need to invest £20 million to learn that!

I really won’t be as long posting another blog! Meanwhile, for those who have slipped by the wayside you might like to consider checking out the multiple packing options that are now available for wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juice deliveries. It’s not just a single tin anymore, but packs of 7 sachets, 14 sachets, or 28 sachets. Alternatively you can order 56+ and have it delivered by courier in cartons with seven sachets in each. I hope you enjoy your day/night/weekend and beyond.