Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Some people would be delighted to win one Nobel prize. Very few have been exceptional and awarded two. One such was Dr Linus Pauling. One of the more memorable things he said was that “you can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

I’m no doctor, but I’ve had enough machinery in my time to know that if you take out even the smallest component, in pretty well any machine from tiny to enormous, the whole thing can grind to a halt. It malfunctions. It resigns. It’s of no use whatsoever. That tiny little thing, that is missing, renders the whole enormous edifice useless, and you feel powerless.
Sometimes we can identify what has gone wrong, or what is missing, and correct the deficiency or malfunction. On other occasions we have to rely on a professional to come in and assist us. Somebody who fully understands how everything works, and can identify the thing or things we need to return everything to working order. Occasionally, we can’t identify exactly what’s gone wrong, and we either limp along for ages suffering poor performance, or we replace the entire appliance, or whatever it is.
We can’t do that with our bodies. They are a more finely honed machine than anything mechanical that is known to man. We only understand a small amount about how they work. We most certainly can’t do a diagnostic test on the function of our brain, and understand what’s going on! That’s probably just as well for most of us!!!!
All of us want our bodies, which we revere, to function perfectly. Mind you, looking at a few people around and about the average town centre, or anywhere else you care to go, there seem to be an awful lot who don’t give too much attention to their “bodily machine”. Anyway, for all of us who do want that machine to work to its full potential, we need to be mindful that we are providing it with all the nutrition that it needs. In just the same way that you provide the best oil and fuel for the machine and/or appliance, and also ensure that all your machines (electrical or other mechanical) are maintained according to manufacturer’s schedules, do you do it for your own body?
My supposition is that that isn’t happening with most people. That’s why we see so many people in our towns, who look decidedly unhealthy. It’s not just because they’ve got some ailment or disease. That ailment or disease has made that body its home, because there was a deficiency within the mechanism that allowed it to make forced entry. If we ensure we feed our bodies with the complete mineral spectrum, as Dr Linus Pauling intimated, we give ourselves the best possible starting point for maintaining ourselves in peak condition. We will have the best opportunity for resisting all the pressures of life, and enjoying all that it can bring. Check out that you’ve got the best possible food sources. Remember, a great deal of the land that crops are grown on have deficiencies, all variable, and all of which will be transferred to you.
We are pleased to be able to use Ocean Solution to feed our wheatgrass and broccoli seedlings, before we juice them. This provides them with the full buffer of 90 mineral elements, as found in the sea. This enables us to provide well fed juice for you!