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Apple Juice and Cider

I also produce Dowdings apple juice and cider. This is mostly from my own apples - I have a small orchard.  But I also use apples I am given by many people who have trees that produce far more then they can use.  The Wild Orchard apple juice is a blend of dessert apples and cookers, whilst the Tower Brue cider is mostly brewed from a blend of various cider varieties.

People and diets

Max Tuck is a Hippocrates trained educator, keen to help people "adopt a living foods lifestyle as an excellent way to combat the everyday stresses of modern living", stying herself as The Raw Food Scientist. She has a huge commitment to using wheatgrass juice within the diet, and you can read more of what she says here Max would definitely say that the ideal situation would be to have freshly juiced grass every day. However, being pragmatic she also realises that for some people that isn't always possible. Therefore compromise is necessary, and we are the people who can help fulfil the objective where the "shortcut" is needed. With our juice, given the way it is grown and processed, it isn't a very big shortcut as it's close to being the real thing.

The gut microbiome. Do you know what it is? It's actually the most vital part of your body, grossly underrated, but in desperate need of being fed and cared for properly. Once it goes wrong, that is the precursor to everything going wrong. So, feed it properly!

The pinnacle of health is likely to be achieved by those who follow a raw food diet. That's not easy in the UK compared to somewhere on the tropics with an all year round growing climate. However with the right advice, and support, it is achievable. Many come to the raw food diet through severe health challenges. One of the best supporters and educators on this is Jill Swyers. She is an accredited Hippocrates Health Educator, offering guidance at all stages. Jill is offering "naturopathic nutrition with balance". She runs courses in the UK, Portugal and Lithuania.

Lisa Simpson writes one of the best raw food blogs. She includes many simple recipes for simple-to-create meals, and lots of inspiration to reflect that which she has gained in her 5 year journey to becoming more invigorated, happier and healthier.  She's a long-term customer and wonderful enthusiast for our juices....we love Lisa!

The Raw Food Hypocrite - articles and information about wheatgrass and other raw foods.

Diseases where the juices could help

"Just a few additional portions of broccoli each week could protect men from prostate cancer. Researchers believe a substance called isothiocyanate in the broccoli sparks hundreds of genetic changes, activating some genes that fight cancer and switching off others that fuel tumors." says Dr. Mercola

The people over at Cancer Tutor say very nice things about wheatgrass juice, and are linked to this site. Tonic Attack makes no claims, but we do like their support for wholesome food and giving people the information that the mainstream health services seem sadly reticent to make available with the notable exception of a few people who think sensibly.

Sulforaphane: from broccoli to breast. Great short video by Dr. Greger on Nutrition Facts

On the cancer theme I have alway admired the advice on offer from Patricia Peat, who operates Cancer Options, and is allied closely to the Yes to Life campaign - another charity that has been very supportive of what we are doing and links to Tonic Attack.

Fighting cancer with broccoli - interesting results. But the broccoli sprout juice will be better!

Study finds broccoli sprout juice helps the body flush carcinogens. New Statesman.

Anti-tumour efffects from sulforophane

Targeting cancer stem cells with sulforophane

Better eat your broccoli sprouts - an article on the Johns Hokins Medicine website.  They have done a huge amount of work on sulforaphane and its derivative compounds.

On this page they talk about their ongoing research including preventative options for breast cancer, which includes work on broccoli sprout juice.

Bioavailability of sulforaphane from 2 broccoli sprout drinks: results of a short-term cross-over clinical trial in China looking at chemoprevention and also pollutant removal.

Broccoli sprouts and their effects on breast cancer, from Green Med info

We know broccoli sprout juice delivers great results with some autistic children: here's one reason. 

Sulforophane and treatment of the autistic spectrum disorder

Broccoli sprouts and autism: improvements were seen within four weeks and generally maintained.

If you are unluckily battling cancer, either yourself or with someone you love, there are many good people out there who will think beyond the mainstream paradigm. Among these is Dr Etienne Callibout. You can read a good interview with him here.

Sulforophane and it's impact on auto-immune diseases. 

Brussels sprouts: the chemistry of the sprouts which explains why we either love or hate them.

Johns Hopkins Magazine - Paul Talalay's research showed why broccoli is good for us. Johns Hopkins is looking for foods to stave off cancer and other diseases.

Customers websites

Leigh Haggerwood is an award-winning British musician who creates music and sound design for all forms of media, from pop songs to commercials, television themes to film soundtracks will stop he also collaborates with other artists as a writer and producer and overseas is independent record label and sound effects library. 

Rian Torres runsHealth Etcetera. She has created the perfect set-up to fast whilst keeping costs to a minimum. It’s a simple concept: nice rooms, juices, a sauna and mini gym, Internet, optional daily meditation, yoga and therapies such as colonics and massages. Low price. Simple.

Linda Moss offers an excellent range of holiday accommodation, all based around organic farms or offering organic cuisine. You can check out her extensive list of options on her website.

General links of great value

Food matters in every way. It is the fuel that drives us, with both the power to create or maintain wellness, but also to destroy us. Which would you prefer? Watch and read interesting contributions at Food Matters 

If you want to know a bit more about the power of water - which makes about 70% of each of us, which is vital for all crops, but regualrly abused by man"kind", read the about the work of Viktor Schauberger which was done c.100 years ago but is wholly relevant today.      

You'll find more than a few useful books and ideas on Phillip Day's website, whether that is books on cancer, dates of his excellent talks, or other great books and products.

Plenty of great things at Suradetox about detoxing and so much more. Looks like a gorgeous place to go for a few days or re-balancing, help etc.  Get educated.  Get support.

Greenfibres - Eco-pioneers: organic and natural bedding and clothing company

Homoeopathy Heals: campaign to raise public awareness of homoeopathy, with many articles about the origins of homoeopathy, it's massive potential for health restoration and much more.

For juicers, blenders, food dehydrators etc. You need special juicers to handle wheatgrass & Juiceland have them!