Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Tonic Attack   

               wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juice


Kilimanjaro climbers will take their wheatgrass with them!



On 13th February 2012, Stewart Lynch and Max Tuck, both long term living food vegans and all-round healthy lifestyle protagonists, are off to climb Kilimanjaro in aid of the Born Free Foundation. This fit pair are climbing on a pioneering route of the Northern Circuit, and will spend a total of 9 days on Africa’s highest mountain, which is also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.


Stewart and Max will be trekking for between 6 and 8 hours each day, with summit day involving a gruelling 17 hours at very high altitude. They need adequate fuel to perform at their best, and this feat of endurance, in temperatures expected to be between +30C and

-35C and altitudes ranging from 1500 metres right up to just under 5900 metres at the summit, will be completed eating only raw food.


No chance of growing and juicing on the mountain, so Stewart and Max will have a supply of Tonic Attack wheatgrass juice in their packs, demonstrating the versatility of the handy juice sachets for those on the move!


More information about the expedition, as well as an opportunity to donate to the Born Free Foundation, can be found on Max's website

You may not be planning anything as ambitious as a Kilimanjaro climb, but you can still enjoy our wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juices as part of a healthy diet. You can place an order now, right here!