Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Our bodies orchestrate endless biochemical reactions that create and maintain life.  Some are called enzymatic processes and they are characterized by changing a molecule from one substance into another.  This is how a plant or our bodies convert the foods we eat into into things like plant tissue or for us humans its bone, ligaments, finger nails, hair and tissue.   

Each process requires a precise combination of nutrients to function properly. When a vital component is missing, a process will either be abandoned, require excessive amounts of energy to complete, or simply become dysfunctional.  When all components are present, the processes occur much faster and consume a fraction of the energy of un-catalyzed reactions.
That is why we use Ocean Solution in growing our wheatgrass and broccoli sprouts. The sea comes with the complete mineral spectrum. That's the main reason why there is virtually no degenerative disease in sea dwelling animals. Over 60 years ago, Dr Maynard Murray spent six months aboard various fishing vessels. He noted what the fisherman saw. He asked them what they found. Everything living in the oceans existed in supreme health was his conclusion. He could barely believe it! He even saw the unborn baby whale when drawn out from inside the mother's womb, and both the 60-year-old mother and her unborn baby having the same perfectly smooth and youthful skin. Maybe that's why people get so excited about using Dead Sea salts on their skin.
Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying, we grow the crop to the best standards we know, we feed it right with the maximum nutrients, the plants are right, and, most importantly, all are available for you!  Gulp......