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Posted by oliver

What is society to do? We believe we have free speech in the West. However, to believe that would be wrong. We may be able to say more than those living under a true dictatorship, but at times the politically correct are excessively dominant. This has now stretched unquestionably to the “scientifically correct”.

Sadly there are many scientists who operate under the blinkered approach dictated by their commercial, and in many cases political paymasters. They will naturally dismiss this and refute any suggestion that their scientific impartiality is in anyway compromised. Good luck to them! Many of them may be right, but a significant number operate in this controlled way. I’ve met many of them.
Why does that bug me? Because when it comes to airing anything within the food/supplements/natural alternatives sphere, the shackles are undoubtedly very tight and firmly placed. Furthermore, those whose profit line seems threatened by this are tightening their grip and reducing people’s options. There are certain illnesses and conditions which one simply dare not mention. Unless, that is, one is from a corporation that has managed to patent something which nature produced (in all likelihood) and which they’ve isolated, made a claim for, had people of their ilk ratify, and thereby deliver them the sole rights to utilise and profit from for a period of time.
We’ve reached the point where anyone who has any experience which wasn’t ratified in a laboratory is dismissed as a quack, or the beneficiary of chance, a fluke, a freak of nature, but nothing which anybody else should take any credence from.
By way of illustration, a recent conversation with a friend, and one who is a big fan of our wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juices, highlighted this bizarre world. She told me the following, about her father’s experiences at the hands of the conventional medical world. He’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer. His surgeon wanted to operate. The man, who at the time was 71, was told his PSA (screening test for prostate cancer) was much too high. What did he do?
He followed a radical approach in some people’s eyes. Overnight he became a vegetarian. He also promptly took up juicing in earnest, acquired himself a series of herbal remedies, utilised homoeopathy where possible etc. His PSA “dropped like a stone”, from a high point of 277 – that’s a stratospherically high reading! Doctors become interested when your level goes over 4, and excitable if it goes over 10. Naturally, his surgeon was dumbfounded at both the refusal to undertake surgery, but more so by his resilience, not understanding how he continually looked healthy. When his wife died, the test results started to rise again. This prompted his daughter to mention it to the consultant, but she was told that emotions have nothing to do with cancer! You couldn’t make it up!
Two years ago, which was after 19 years of predominantly healthy living since that initial diagnosis, he drove to his ballroom dance group on a Wednesday, wasn't too well on Friday, went to bed on Sunday and passed peacefully away on Wednesday morning, with no medical intervention.
It could be said that it was a coincidence but he lived an active busy life with NO symptoms to the ripe old age of almost 90 much to the amazement of his consultant who could never understand why he always looked so well despite a raised PSA.
I’ll leave you to make your mind up and consider what you want to do for yourself and those you love.