Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Spell it back to front?  Hair of the . . . ? 

The hair of the dog that bit you will solve your hangover, or so the old saying goes. Having a hair of the dog as a hangover cure basically means indulging in the very thing that caused your hangover in the first place alcohol! But if the very idea turns your stomach, or you simply don’t want to hit the bottle during the day, then there is an alternative that is far better for you. Why not try the healthy hair of the dog: a shot of wheatgrass!
While contemplating this don’t forget what the dear old dogs do when they are ill……….yes, they instinctively go out and eat grass. All this without every having sat down in class to be told this is the way for them to stop feeling sick, or making any internet searches!
Wheatgrass juice is an easy and effective way to help your liver. Sometimes called natures cleanser, wheatgrass juice nutrition is down to very high levels of amino acids and enzymes, encouraging the elimination of waste matter and assistance with detoxifying the liver. Wheatgrass, which can be taken as a supplement in powder or capsule form, helps to dilate blood vessels, oxygenating the blood and allowing easier blood flow. Essential nutrients that the body needs can be absorbed easily.

So if you feel a bit delicate the morning after the night before, try wheatgrass juice to help your poor old liver’s struggle to cope with what you overloaded it with the night before!  If you’re feeling queasy, perhaps have a drink of water on hand as wheatgrass does have a strong taste.  You may also want to take a shot of wheatgrass juice after a strenuous workout or even if you’ve over-eaten. Fans of wheatgrass juice find it gives the body an influx of food when it needs it most. It’s certainly a far healthier hangover cure than alcohol!

You can find out more about wheatgras juice and broccoli sprout juice on our site.