Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Would you grow your own wheatgrass juice, or let the professionals do it and deliver it to your doorstep?                               

I saw earlier the Hippocrates Centre in Florida talking about how cheap it is to grow wheatgrass juice. Maybe over there in regular 80F heat all year round!

Without doubt it's the best of the green juices!

You may be able to grow and juice your own cheaply.  However, in the UK you will almost for sure come up against mould problems - few who have tried growing their own have not battled this issue at some stage.

However, for many there is the option to let us do it!  We use the best mineral feed possible, Ocean Solution, meaning you get the most nutritious juice.

We can also harvest the roots as we grow it hydroponically, thus you get all the nutrients the plant produces, not just a few. Its like having yourself a meal of leaf and root vegetables all at once!

Better still, we don't cook it so you get all the nutrients in a wonderful natural condition.

Best of all, you get 8+ weeks shelf life on the sachets which are preserved just with high pressure to exclude all the air.

What is there to hold you back - either option is good but one is much easier and does not need you to purchase the significant amount of kit at considerable cost, nor set asides lots of space etc.