Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

A recent story on the BBC health web page is headlined “turning cancer back into healthy tissue”. It suggested that lab-based work was showing that there is a biological step that can restore normality and stop cells replicating out of control.

 To me the focus is back to front. Whilst it would be good to be able to prevent cancer, surely we should be looking more intensively at how we can prevent it? Why are our lifestyles turning healthy tissues cancerous? Why aren’t doctors waking up in addressing this with proactive solutions? Why are our own Department of Health so obsessed with finding huge sums of money for the NHS budget to “fight” cancer, and not address the causes of cancer? At least, such addressing as they may give it, is totally out of proportion to the “fighting” bit. Are they just scared of being seen to not be “politically incorrect”?
Naturally there are some excellent scientists working on simpler and easier ways to treat cancer than resorting to chemotherapy, surgery etc. They often have miniscule budgets by comparison, and there aren't many of them, but at least there are some. There is good research being undertaken, for example, on treating prostate cancer with ultrasound therapy. We also know that Sulforaphane is a significant help with such disease. As you know, the broccoli sprout juice is overloaded with Sulforaphane!
Nonetheless, it’s the nutritional angle that is under-funded, under-appreciated, and under-developed. It behoves all of us to put our energy into both promoting nutrition, and alerting politicians and others to the fact that they aren’t promoting it sufficiently.
So, meanwhile, let’s cut out the crap in both health-speak and diet, introduce healthy options, ensure portion sizes are enough to provide us with healthy nutrition but not create obesity, and that all we eat is high quality food. Job done? Yes, but you’ve actually got to do it to make it happen! Furthermore, we’ve got to make sure that those of us who are feeding others ensure that everybody is getting the balanced approach. Balanced nutrition and balanced quantities.
Furthermore, if we do all do this, then there is more than enough food to go around and feed absolutely everybody, and banish global hunger to the history books. The key to achieving this is reducing the quantity of intensively farmed (grain-based diets) meat and livestock products that we consume, redirecting the land upon which the grain crops are grown towards grassland and forest. The final point is that we have to cut back on the amount of food we waste – which includes overconsumption.
If we do all of this, we will be making a much greater contribution to preventing cancer than any laboratory scientist can ever deliver. We will be saving the NHS a huge fortune which can be invested in other services which are under huge financial pressure.
Your job? Make sure you’re doing everything right which you realistically can, and then discuss it with others and urge them to do so as well. Also, you should tell your elected representatives, be they Parliamentary or upon health boards et al, why you’ve made these changes and why they should be following suit and urging the population at large to do so.
Wishing you a healthy juicy future!