Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Here is a dilemma! Do you want to load yourself up with drugs, in order to try and balance out whatever elements you either think or maybe somebody tells you that you are suffering a shortage of? Would you want to think of food as your medicine? If not, why not? After all, it's the oldest and simplest form of medicine. Hippocrates said so, and he was the "father of medicine", with doctors all having to swear the Hippocratic oath before they can gain their medical qualifications.

Whilst clearly some drugs have an important role to play, there seems little doubt that there are many people being propped up by one drug after another, often working against each other. The cocktail effect is little understood, not least because the medicine indsutry's preferred means of research, the RCT (random controlled trial), cannot possibly undertake such a project. Every individual patient has a different biochemistry, a different diet, and is going to be recommended a different cocktail of medications.
Presumably this is why we constantly read statistics to tell us that the 3rd commonest killer is hospitalization or drugs. If it’s not the 3rd, then it’s in the top five, according to whose tables you read.
Equally, there are those for whom the diet will be constantly variable, if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Day to day we all eat different things, and they are sourced in different seasons, and grown in different soils. Therefore, everything has a different nutritional loading.
Apart from taking vitamins from a pot, there are a few things that come with a consistent and known quantity. Our wheatgrass juice and broccoli sprout juice are two such things where you do know that every single 33ml tube will be the same. And very good they will be too! Utilising a very constant source of nutrition for the plant, ocean minerals, and using the same seed and the same growing conditions every day, it makes provision of this constant for your diet a relatively easy thing to achieve.
To your constant excellent health!