Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

In the wild, all animals eat living foods as they are.  None of them possesses a cooker!

Only we humans cook our food.  Can it more than a coincidence that only humans suffer widespread sicknesses and ailments.  Just look at us - we are the most unhealthy species on the planet.  Remove the "e" (for excess?) from planet and we get plant. Bingo - what a clue!

In my experience, many of those I've met, or read about who eat mostly living foods, are more alert, think clearer, and are more physically active. Best of all, they suffer a great deal less sickness!  What does that tell us?  Cooking is a process of food destruction from the moment you let the temperature rise, and certainly if it goes over c.105F.  Go much higher and you turn your food into something else, destroying its vitality, and sometimes making it a threat not a life-force.

Try this: put your hand, just for a moment into boiling water or on a hot stove.  You wouldn't?  Why not?  Realising you would never do that should persuade the logical side of ourselves to appreciate just how destructive heat is. Food is frequently subjected to such destructive temperatures for quite long enough - and often too long - to ensure its not the wonderful living food it started out as.  What was a living substance becomes totally dead very rapidly with exposure to heat!

Cooking renders food very challenging to our digestive tract!  Why do you think you often feel tired after eating?  The more "cooked" your meal is - and the larger it is - the more the tiredness kicks in.  Your body is trying to deal with the toxicity from the cooked food you thought was going to be helpful. This is confirmed by the doubling, or more, of white blood cell production after eating cooked food. These white blood cells are your body's first line of defence.  Collectively they are known as your immune system.

As has been noted by many many researches in the prestigious National Academy of Sciences National Research Council's book, "Diet, Nutrition and Cancer," all cooking quickly generates mutagens and carcinogens in foods.  Proteins begin coagulating and deaminating at temperatures commonly applied in cooking, and become devoid of proper nutritive value.

Minerals quickly lose their organic context and are returned to their native state as they occur in soil, sea water and rocks, metals and so on. In such a state they are much less easily used and the body often shunts them aside where they may combine with saturated fats and cholesterol in the circulatory system, thus clogging it up with cement-like plaque.

Heated fats are especially damaging because they are altered to form acroleins, free radicals and other mutagens and carcinogens.

So, be wise and eat wholesome, fresh and vital foods.  Especially at this time of year when they are so easily available, either from your garden, a farmers market or maybe a box delivery scheme. This is also a good time of year to be linking with fresh food suppliers and laying down a good relationship for the winter months ahead when such fresh food will be harder to source.

Finally, don't forget that wheatgrass juice and broccoli sprout juice are loaded with fresh vital enzymes.

and a whole host of other nutrients in their original form, untainted by destructive processes, and preserved as they should be.  Just for you - and they make an ideal opportunity to replenish and restore your challenged body!