Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

In the very beginning, the very first people on this planet began life with a healthy set of genes, and followed a healthy diet. They did this without the use of cookbooks, or advisory services! This is the same as the entire wild world, who instinctively know what is good for them, and haven’t been persuaded otherwise.

Over the ensuing millennia and generations we’ve managed to corrupt our diet, and with it the best of health has been lost.
Health is all about feeding our cellular structure the very best of nutrition to create the perfect cell, with all its ingredients able then to perform to the best of their naturally given ability. Anything we then do, either through our dietary deficiencies or incorrect approach, or through other factors such as electromagnetic strains, stress, etc, are simply going to corrupt this (almost) perfectly laid out natural operating mechanism.
Therefore, why do we inject (medically or through food) so many toxins into our bodies? What toxins are we taking on board? Do we know? Do we know if our bodies can handle them? Do we know for how long our bodies can handle them? The answer to the last three questions is almost for sure we don’t know, certainly at the individual level, and in all probability with any scientific mind. So, back to the first question, why do we do it?
Over time the answer to this question has evolved from ignorance through to coercion. In the early days, man did not know about a great deal that science can now inform him of. This led to a great deal being done purely through ignorance. Today, we like to think, we are cleverer than our predecessor generations. However, we’ve allowed ourselves, through acquiescence and willful neglect, aided by many people and particularly corporations, to corrupt this perfect beginning. They now sell us an imperfect food, one often laced with things which have a poisonous impact upon our bodies, and which rarely do us any favours. This has led us to spend a disproportionate amount of time in the doctor’s surgery, and for many to suffer a great deal of pain and misery, and often foreshortened lives.
What we like to think we do and what we actually do are different things. I suggest that we should be doing more to enhance our health, and to give our body a fighting chance to heal itself from all the negative things we pummel it with. Don’t believe in your body being a perfect filter, and impervious to damage from the bad things you might inflict upon it, be that pharmaceutical in origin, or even just your food. Increase your awareness of the good things, and try to marginalise the evidently bad things!
Naturally, I’m interested in the benefits people derive from wheatgrass juice and broccoli sprout juice. Because we raise the plants in pristine conditions, feeding them only the purest of seawater minerals, we’re giving them a perfect start in life and the ability to generate pure healthy nutrients. That’s what we’re giving you. Enjoy!