Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Who's tried a “Wheatgrass shot”? Or Broccoli Sprout juice”? Wheatgrass Juice has been a staple of the high-energy health food crowd for many years. For me they contribute to a feeling of well-being……and more! They’re not to everyone’s taste, but hey, it may be unfortunate that some don’t like it, but it will be fine for the majority. Those who really struggle, but relish the value, will learn to mix it with some other juice, which is no problem.

Both these juices are effectively green drinks, made from some very green plants, which are grown with the best possible nutrients. We use Ocean Solution, derived from the oceans. Take a look at all the animals that live in the oceans, and you will see, as did Dr Maynard Murray, no senescence of the animal’s bodily tissues.
When we talk about a green drink, we refer to something that is juiced from the green plant. To some people, the concept of eating a green vegetable seems to be alien. That is most unfortunate, because it won’t be doing them any favours to be devoid of a crucial part of the food spectrum.
Survey after survey tells us that despite endless advisory campaigns, and information imparted, there are huge swathes of the population who just don’t get the right nutrition.
This unfortunately includes all age spectra. However, for those who want their greens in a liquid form, perhaps added to juice of some other sort, then we come to the rescue.
So, here is your opportunity! Time to green up! And so much easier than trying to do it yourself, although don’t let me put you off having a go. We find quite a few people come to us who’ve tried growing their own, and who soon lose enthusiasm, pushing their juicer to the back of the cupboard.