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Posted by oliver

I'd like to share with you an absolutely fantastic short video. It's been made by friends of mine, Carol Boyce and Alex Hefferon. They focused heavily on disease, but not in the way that most people think of it.

What they have done is to look at it from a different angle, and think of it as dis-ease. As they stress, we have to understand and appreciate that if we see dis-ease as a process, we have more power to affect the outcome. This is vital for many of the serious illnesses now afflicting a greater number of people than ever before, particularly those such as cancer.

I know from some of the fantastic people who contact me, that all too often the NHS will say "I'm sorry, but there's nothing more we can do for you." I also know that many of these people are then spurred on to undertake their own research, often in areas that the NHS either don't countenance, or won't consider. The person who is suffering then comes strategies that they hope will work for them.

Only yesterday I had somebody call who by conventional interpretation should have died nine years ago from prostate cancer. I don't know all the things he did, but he sounded very healthy to me. However, he did say he had osteoarthritis now, a direct consequence of the conventional treatment he received for a short while.

So, I urge you to watch this film, and think about what you can do both with your life, and perhaps to help those you know, to either make it much healthier, or in some cases perhaps reduce the problems that come with did-ease.