Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

I’m incredibly proud that we can offer a juice which packs in one sachet all the sulforaphane glucosinolate you need in a single serving! All this from humble sprouts growing from broccoli seeds, fed the best of nutrients from the seas, juiced and preserved in their entirety, naturally, just for you.

I suppose it was predictable that some corporation would appreciate the value in this compound, and the associated isothiocyanates. One has sprung up, and they say they want to spend £20 million researching the compound, as they are aware of its benefits. Their objective is then to market this, but they’ll give it a slightly different name, presumably to enable them to patent it. It will be  called sulforadex, apparently. Maybe that will change over time, which will probably depend upon the marketing people.

They want the money to do a series of clinical trials proving that SGS is effective. I can no more predict how their trials will work out than anyone else, as by the time they have reduced the juice into some dry powder and turned that into a pill, they may have affected the value of the compound. As Dr Paul Talaly, from the Johns Hopkins University, said, “any effort to isolate a compound from a natural source is fraught with difficulties. Our nightmare (scenario) was that it might be a combination a number of compounds, but it turned out by chance to be a single and very potent compound - sulforaphane”.

It seems likely that they will want to promote the widely published research demonstrating the huge beneficial value with regard to cancer, detox/cleansing and, finally, autism. If they are successful, people will then have a simple choice to make, between the following ways of ingesting these particular nutrients.

1. Eating (and chewing properly) 2kgs of broccoli a day.

2. Eating 10 buckets of "brocco shoots".

3. Ingesting up to 30 capsules of off-the-shelf extracts.

4. Getting a prescription (of course!) for the new synthetic version of SGS. This of course means ££££’s

5. Getting a shot of broccoli sprout juice, which is excellent value!

Whatever the outcome, it’s unlikely to be seen for at least a year, probably much longer. When announced, it will still be true that we can look to adopt the natural way of living, eating, exercising, breathing, etc or the un-natural way. Meanwhile, just keep drinking the broccoli sprout juice from Tonic Attack for all those advantages so clearly identified by Dr Paul Talalay