Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver
Many people are fixated with complex detox regimes. The Western calendar New Year is always a time where people feel most inspired to do so, following a period of over-consumption and weight gain! For some the detox is a necessity as their body has become over-burdened with an awful array of chemical/pharmaceutical and other compounds which they’ve ingested from a variety of sources. Add to that the general pollution in the atmosphere we breathe, in the water we drink etc and it’s clear that our bodies are working overtime to maintain good health. We are also challenged by all these pollutants as they end up in our fat reserves rather than generally being excreted. This explains why for many people the need to detox is more than whimsical or self-indulgent.
Here is a new opportunity: the Chinese New Year was yesterday, so what you didn’t do in January, you can now do in February! Alternatively, if you did undertake a little cleansing in January, you can bolster the results in February.
For those who haven’t picked up on it before, broccoli sprout juice is a superb detox aid. Last year’s research undertaken in China demonstrated enormous cleansing properties for some vile compounds, the product of their industrialisation and poor air quality – in part to provide us with “cheap” goods. The trials were undertaken in Qidong, a region where exposures to foodborne and airborne toxins and carcinogens can be considerable and approaches to chemoprevention are needed. Hepatocellular carcinoma can account for up to 10% of the adult deaths in some rural townships.  You can read the results here and here.
It only took 24 hours to remove 60% of the benzene in the trial group! Furthermore, the cleansing value was maintained long after the trial ran its course. So, in brief, you don’t need to run off to some fancy hotel, head off to a sunny island in the middle of the ocean, or join a cruise to do some detoxing. You can do it every day with a single sachet of broccoli sprout juice! I know that you won’t get the intensive yoga classes, fraternisation with others indulging the same objective, lots of raw food and detox orientated meals provided, etc. However, you could run your own economy detox with friends and have just as much fun. If you got a group together and bought broccoli sprout juice in bulk, it would be even cheaper – email me.
The key part of all this is to make sure that we all appreciate that our body is constantly being loaded up with things we don’t need, which challenge our biological functions, and create problems which we most certainly don’t need or want.
I hope you have a nice juicy weekend, help celebrate the Chinese New Year (of the goat) and all the days thereafter.