Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Sometimes the blindingly obvious can remain stubbornly invisible, even when right in front of our eyes. Sometimes we find ways of ignoring it, be that because we are too busy or over-burdened. Other times we dismiss it as implausible as it doesn’t fit our previously held views – at least, until we read it or ponder if for the 3rd/6th/10th time etc. Suddenly we get the dawning flash of understanding. How did I ignore that for so long, you ask yourself?

There are also difficulties in going against what is represented as mainstream thinking, as in Groupthink. Maybe we feel uncomfortable going against what we see as “settled” science. The tide is still flowing against our thought process, but then suddenly it turns. Do we go with the turned tide or get stranded in the beach?

Where does this fit with sulforaphane? Many diseases have accepted pathways for treatment. Cancer and autism are two clear examples. Anyone wanting to deviate from those standard treatments is often derided, dismissed or ignored. That is despite there sometimes being a valid reason to think seriously about the new approach.

Sulforaphane has been shown to have great gains for people with prostrate cancer, even with breast cancer. Maybe other cancers would see some regression if it were used more widely? With the medical fraternity generally so ingnorant of almost everything connected to nutrition, we ought not to be shocked. But ignoring this means we are being let down and not getting what we need.

There are excellent papers on the benefits for autistics. They are not huge in number because few scientists will get funding to even look at the options. Hence the mainstream view prevails and many suffer. Dr. Michael Greger is one such who has looked and been impressed on the autistic’s improvements. He quotes a good number who have been looking sideways not just down the same old tunnel. These scientists are from some of the most prestigious research universities. He highlights the possible gains for autistics who get fevers. He then focuses on broccoli and notes many things, including that sulforaphane’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Dr Greger also notes the scientific support for broccoli sprouts (and by extension, the juice) with breast cancer. As with many diseases, it is about timing, and so, as with all diseases, catching it early is paramount. Something like broccoli sprout juice should always be only used as part of a concerted plan to resolve illness, or for those seeking to maintain wellness. Alone it won’t resolve a shockingly bad diet or lifestyle!

What are the best ways of getting your sulforaphane? Dr. Greger succinctly notes that pills and powders are of little value, broccoli is good, but you would need to eat 2kg/day! The real winner with getting enough sulforaphane, for whatever your intended gain, is broccoli sprouts! That is why there are people who are taking broccoli sprout juice and very happy with the results.

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So, you can get your broccoli sprout juice with added understanding of the multiple benefits!