Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

“A handful of these seedlings could be just what you need to reduce the risk of cancer.” So ends this fascinating interview with Dr Paul Talalay from the Johns Hopkins University research Department. He has spent the latter part of his life dedicated to researching broccoli. He is in his 80’s now and the excitement means he’s not stopping!

Understanding that broccoli was the most powerful of the cruciferous family of vegetables, after exhaustive attempts to isolate key compounds, it was the sulforophane glucosinolate (SGS) which he and his team identified as being critical. You can see much more on this, said in his own words, in this YouTube link.
SGS is found in all brassicas. But, as he says, in 3-4 day old sprouted broccoli it has been found to be at the highest levels of concentration. That is why the sprouts in our juice are harvested at 4-5 days old. 
As an aside, another benefit Johns Hopkins noted is the powerful detoxification value gained from taking SGS. Therefore broccoli sprouts – or even more potently, broccoli sprout juice, have a second great role. The antioxidant values are thought by Talalay and his team to be so good that they can help to reduce ones risk of cancer if eaten 3 to 4 times per week.
I marvel that with such news it isn’t front-page headlines everywhere. Any time a drug touted as having even a snowflake in hell’s chance of doing something useful in the cancer field it becomes mainstream news. This happens even if it is unlikely to be available for 10+ years, or maybe unaffordable. Nonetheless it ends up being splashed across all the newspapers and TV channels.
Clearly there is an awkwardness to SGS in that it isn’t a product in itself, and nobody has a patent on it. Long may the situation continue, as it is simply food! The day we start patenting food, that will be a sad day. It’s bad enough with GM companies patenting seeds, but surely we can’t allow others to patent what we need to eat to live?
As I’ve reported elsewhere, there is a company who say they have £20 million which they want to spend trying to find a way to put SGS in a pill, patent it, and then sell it back to the NHS as sulforadex. No doubt it won’t be available to everyone who wants it, and you can be sure you will be paying a king’s ransom for it.
The vital thing to remember is that you get the whole daily SGS requirement, much more than in powders or sprouts, in one sachet of our broccoli sprout juice. Naturally I can’t make any recommendations or claims about cures and resistance to health breakdown. But when the key compounds are well-known to detoxify, and have these beneficial properties its news to share. Then there are the exciting results coming through from parents of autistic children , as reported via our tesimonials page. 
All this and it comes packed in one sachet which we are able to deliver you, what more could one do? As ever, you can load up on this great juice any time you like or need it!