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Broccoli SproutsIn addition to wheatgrass juice we also supply the juice of 4-5 day old broccoli sprouts, packed in a box which fits neatly through your letterbox.

Recurring orders are generally sent on the same day each week, thereby ensuring you receive a continuous supply.

If you order 2, 3 or 4 week's supply these also arrive in a single box. For retail or bulk enquiries (8 or more "boxes/packs of 7 sachets") please email or telephone Oliver Dowding.

Ingredients: broccoli sprout juice (99.8%)

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The juice is packed utilising an high pressure process. Once the juice is in the sachets, the pressurisation renders any biological life null and void, and therefore generates over 8 weeks of shelf-life. It causes no damage to the nutritional value of the juice.

We don't think you'll find broccoli sprout juice anywhere else. This juice is also enzymatically live, which up until now has been virtually impossible to achieve.

The juice is especially packed to maintain this freshness. It is fresh pressed, whole, and as such is a raw food! So, what is so great about the juice?

We know that the broccoli sprout juice has a significantly increased proportion of the critical compound, sulforaphane glucosinalate (SGS). Johns Hopkins University researchers believe that many phytochemicals, including SGS, may help explain why diets rich in cruciferous vegetables are associated with promoting health and reducing health problems.

The sprouts are juiced when 4 to 5 days old. At this stage they are at their most expansive and vitality-rich growth stage, delivering a higher concentration of all the key nutrients than at any other growth stage. The sprouts pack at least 20 times that which comes in a mature broccoli head!

Being overloaded with SGS is one thing, but most certainly not all. SGS is only useful in the presence of myrosinase. The SGS is hydrolysed by the myrosinase. This delivers a yield of isothiocyanate, which is the key to everything, as it does all the great things for us, both in maintaining our health, or in helping us through illness.

If you ingest SGS, such as by eating raw sprouts, swallowing a pill or powder, then the small amount of myrosinase that might be found in the gut will go to work on the SGS, but the conversion rate will be pitifully low.

However, our properly processed juice ensures the endogenous myrosinase in the plant material will be fully released. The available SGS is then converted at about 90% efficiency, meaning that one sachet of the juice (33ml) contains a residual amount of SGS and a lot of isothiocyanate. Independent analysis has identified about 36mg of isothiocyanate and about 2mg of SGS.

By taking the suggested (by others) dose of the powder, capsules, you would get about 2mg of SGS. From that, with luck in digestion, the consumer may get about 0.5 mg of isothiocyanate.  

Alternatively, by drinking a 33ml sachet of Tonic Attack broccoli sprout juice you will get about 2mg of SGS and 36mg isothiocyanate - all that is needed for a "daily dose" - and far more than in any pill!! Obviously the juices are a much better delivery system for the required isothiocyanate than eating raw sprouts. The advantage is about 72 to 1. How's that for an impressive result?!

In their seminal study, the people from Johns Hopkins University research Department (Dr. Talalay et al) suggested that a maintenance dose of 38mg/day of SGS was desirable. However, they were anticipating this would be obtained from eating fresh sprouts, as the chewing process would release the essential myrosinase to yield the isothiocyanate. Whilst this is a good move, it would need a large bucket of sprouts and an enormous length of time for anyone to chew their way through them. But, the broccoli sprout juice does the same thing.

The other side of the coin is that powder and other extracts may have something in it that you really do not want. One of the most common methods for extraction is solvent extraction, and one of the most used (cheapest) solvents is hexane. Unfortunately hexane is itself a rather nasty poison! You may be told that all of the hexane is removed from the extract. Let's hope so, because if you're taking enough powder/pills you could easily be ingesting a sub-toxic dose. Not a good idea. Look it up!

What might Broccoli Sprout Juice do for you?

We  know that broccoli sprout juice is an excellent aid to detoxing, and one of the chemicals it seems particularly good at removing: this is exciting: here is a research article explains more.

We also know its delivering some great results with people with autism.  Research such as this helps explain why. This report from the Johns Hopkins University says "improvements in people with autism were seen inside 4 weeks and generally persisted"

There are many good links to sources of excellent information on the Tonic Attack links page. Why not take a look?

Clearly the logical option available is to buy the juice! Waste no time now you have reached this point!

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Broccoli sprout juice

Another apparent significant benefit  for broccoli sprout juice is its pollutant removal capability.   Chinese research showed the power to detox using just broccoli sprout juice. Furthermore, the benefit was gained very fast. 24 hours was enough to create a 60% pollutant removal for one compound!

Much attention has been given to broccoli, and in particular broccoli sprouts, over the past few years.  We cannot make any "claims" here, not having a huge pot of funds for research, so we recommend you research widely.

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