Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Just imagine you trundle into the supermarket and on the shelf you see something that looks like a broccoli head.  Despite that, something tells you it’s not quite as it looks.  Could it have been artificially created?  Suppose it’s a tiny bit cheaper – or maybe not!  What do you do? Go for the one you know is the real deal, perhaps even spend a little more, or succumb to the temptation of a perceived “bargain”.

What is a bargain? Often they seem too good to be true, but as is often the case, especially with biological entities and our food, it will be cheaper for a reason. That reason is usually related to its inferior overall and intrinsic qualities which the imitator can never repeat, and a better profit margin for the seller.

Some people have been reporting some impressive results using broccoli sprout juice with autism. It’s really heartening for me to hear that from some of my customers. There have been some amazing results with trials using broccoli sprout juice on autistic children.

Guess what? The imitator is busy developing a (probably) inferior version of broccoli sprout juice!  Their objective is to create a pill version, presumably to try and capture the rapidly increasing number of people suffering cancer.  They see this as a lucrative market to milk!  

Many people have known for some time of the value of sulforaphane in treating cancer, or helping to resist/reject it.  To a pharmaceutical company, finding a product like this could be a golden “key”.  Broccoli sprout juice comers with a full daily “dose” of sulforaphane, naturally. 

The results of trials with broccoli sprout juice for autistics have been much less in number, but nonetheless encouraging.  The company will again see this as a huge marketing opportunity.

The imitator pill which this company are striving to produce, has led them to raise £20 million in order to develop it.  Yes, £20 million!! You can see how well their share price has been doing here.  To get broccoli sprout juice requires no such investment.  I can’t believe the cynicism they’ve adopted, not least in naming the potential product, Sulforadex®. Maybe imitation is the most impressive form of flattery? But, you cannot patent plant life and nature! Does this suggest that they fully realise the potential of the sulforaphane compound? You bet of they wouldn't be sinking £20M into the project.

Whatever transpires as a result, you can be assured that we will still be here, producing the real deal broccoli sprout juice.  We’ll be delivering you a “daily dose” for a realistic price, in a form that is easy to take. Crucially, ours comes with the full spec of nutrients, as nature intended, all the other “ingredients” she creates in order to allow you to fully utilise and benefit from the juice.

Stay natural, be healthy!  Wishing you wellness and clarity in the health food imitator jungle!