Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

Any time that science learns the value of a particular nutrient, people get excited! That’s not surprising. What then follows, as sure as night follows day, is a succession of pharmaceutical companies try to find a way in which to replicate that nutrients, vitamin, or whatever in a pill format. They don’t suggest you simply eat plenty of oranges to get vitamin C, but instead colour an artificial pill which they’ve filled with what they believe to be the identical value ingredient within the orange. They will then claim, sometimes correctly, other times stretching a point, that you get far more from the pill than if you ate the normal serving of the plant in which it is naturally found.

Unfortunately, as has been proven countless times, the synthetic alternative isn’t always as effective as the natural version. This will be for a variety of reasons, amongst which will be the many cofactors and co-nutrients which the original fruit or vegetable has within it and upon which the enzyme or vitamin is dependent in order to be efficacious. The pill doesn’t contain them and thus the intention is partly compromised or reduced in biological value.  Food thats loves you

Recently I watched a fascinating film, The Vitamin Movie. Whilst much of what was being said wasn’t necessarily new, it was perfectly obvious that it’s information which the vast majority of people never get to hear or see. That includes nearly all the medics who we depend upon to resolve our health problems. Maybe that’s because there isn’t a good profit return to be had from the solutions on offer?

An interesting angle within the film is the number of people talking about using very high doses and that being the reason for success. Most people on supplemental vitamins don’t take a fraction of what they need to create a truly efficacious dose. I suppose one could say that they take enough to be of some assistance, but not to deal with the problem fully.  This creates a long-term market as they keep coming back for more and more.

Wheatgrass juice, and certainly broccoli sprout juice, aren’t big market segments. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t powder imitators out there. Lots of people make lots of claims and counter-claims about which alternative is best, and of course compare prices for which the powder/pill can usually undercut the juice. Less isn’t necessarily more!  Just as with the vitamins, in simply drying out something, no matter how carefully you say that you do it in an attempt to preserve the original, you are bound to change the entirety of the biochemical properties.

My suggestion would always be to stick with the natural and complete food or juice, beware the imitator and its claims, and keep yourself pure. The same goes with your overall diet, what it is and how you process/prepare it for eating. Think back to the baby that you once were, the foetus even, and wonder how you could have been produced from a powder! Impossible, and it’s the same today as we age. The more complete that the foods which we eat are, noting their origin and the feed they received, the better the chance that our body will recognise them and turn them into something useful for us, our vitality, and our potential to resist the myriad of illnesses and degenerative conditions which abound