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Posted by oliver

A friend who I respect enormously has recently had to admit defeat by the authoritarian nature of the new health laws dictating what one cannot, and occasionally can say about products, about approaches to health and much more.

Kate has tried to fight to be able to tell you the good things about various products, but is now having to undertake a massive overhaul on her website to remove lots of things, just to remain "legal". Naturally, she is bitter about this, and I share that bitterness. Why could it be that we reach such a pathetic state of affairs? This is why. "Promotional spending by pharmaceutical companies is 50 times greater than spending on public information on health." The World Health Organisation.

I've had the same battles. Hence, if you look on the page featuring testimonials for the wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juices you will find very few. Anything which refers to a specific illness or condition, and an improvement in it, is banned by the authorities. Believe me, I've got a long list of them which you don't know about. A significant number of customers have come my way after referral by clinics, where somebody is making good progress as a patient when consuming the juices. Well done to those physicians/clinicians.

It strikes me as bizarre that we are in a world where simple observation of cause and effect counts for precious little. Why doesn't it?

This is the same world where you are being spied on with every click of your mouse, and every word uttered on social media, or anywhere else for that matter. Did you read about the American family in which the couple separately googled two different items, at two different times. However, because it came from one machine The Department of Homeland Security picked up on it. Don't ask me how they managed to monitor and individuals internet searching, but they certainly can. What did they search for that was so dangerous? One was researching pressure cookers, the other back-packs. Six officers rocked up on their doorstep not long after! Fortunately they were able to prove the innocence of their web-searching. I wonder where the law enforcers went next?

When we get into the area of health and health foods, the heavy hand of the law, accompanied by the very heavy hand of the pharmaceutical corporations and their henchmen, and people who just reside under the name sceptic come to bear. The next plan is to obligate internet service providers to act as censors. I found this particular report extremely worrying. Didn't you think that the internet was this great free space where people could publish all sorts of things, and we could find out about things that the official channels wouldn't let us know? Well, maybe it was for a while, but it appears those days are limited.

Meanwhile, for goodness sake harvest anything from any site that looks like it might not be there for long, and be as diligent and innovative as you can be. I can assure you that I will do my level best to pass on information of lasting and true value to you. I'm not in the business of overstating things, or trying to dupe anybody. I'm simply marketing wheatgrass juice and broccoli sprout juice to people who want it, and appreciate its enormous potential. If only those dozy nuts at the Department of Health et al were as innovative.

Hoping you have a great weekend, and indeed many, many months/years/decades beyond. If you have a tale to tell, or something positive to report about the juices, do please let me know. It is always possible that it might be relevant to somebody else and I might be able to pass on such knowledge.