Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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If you want more info, please email or ring Oliver Dowding, as below.
This includes any interest you may have in buying in bulk.

Tonic Attack Ltd.
Shepton Montague

Tel: 01749812652
Mobile: 07966456244


If you're thinking about buying large quantities, either for retail sale, or because you want to drink a large quantity, do please get in touch as I can do various deals for supplying you in bulk.

Tonic Attack is owned and run by Oliver Dowding, who amongst other things is also an organic farmer. The first foray into growing wheatgrass came after two visits to America in 2003/4, first to the excellent Acres USA conference, and secondly to meet with Don Jansen, then running Ocean Grown in Florida. Don persuaded me to grow wheatgrass as it was one of the best crops for taking up the entire spectrum of minerals, as supplied by Ocean Solution, and delivering maximum health advantage to consumers. I scurried home and began growing trays of wheatgrass in the window! That developed into growing trays in a farm building and juicing on an increasing scale. Sales were growing nicely when the rogues from HMRC wrote and demanded 20% of my sales revenue in VAT. The next four years were spent fighting them, initially two and a half years culminating with a VAT tribunal to prove that it is food and not drink, and then striving to recover my costs – they had the cheek to put cost recovery agents on to stop me. With the production stopped, and the case won, I became UK agent for the juices produced by Vegus in Ireland. Michael had added broccoli sprout juice to the repertoire, and since I began selling them the business has been providing people with the best wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juices available.