Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

David Wolfe is without doubt one of the world’s foremost experts on many things to do with diet and health, but exclusively from the perspective of eating raw food.  He knows what is the right fuel for a healthy and vibrant life.  It isn't what most people fill their stomach with!  I’ve heard him speak several times, and think his views are inspirational.

He is a huge, huge fan of wheatgrass juice!  And of course, he expounds ensuring it is grown properly, which means feeding the plants fully.  He says one should always feed them minerals and prefers them to come from Ocean Solution - well well, fancy that, just like we do!  He then maintains one has to then juice the crops correctly.  Just like we do! 

Half measures will only deliver half a product.  If you want the best you invest the most.  That is what we do in growing the best juice for you!

You can hear David Wolfe, via the link below, offer the best route to growing your own plants and then how best to juice them.  You can also find guidance here.  Before long you will be able to see me doing it - I aim to record a filmed piece offering step by step instructions on how we do it.

David, in his piece, talks about how to grow wheatgrass, and essential mineralisation using the ocean solution. 

You can of course short circuit this and buy direct the juice we have ready made for you, which is so well packed that it will last for 2 months with minimal deterioration.  Your shout!

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