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11 Feb 2019
Posted by oliver

For all the amazing technology that humans have developed, the marvels of what it can do and so much more, we still have huge areas where we are supremely ignorant. This includes most of the human body! As we graze rather than eat, to keep our insatiable appetite for electronic connection fed, we miss the point on what needs the best food and how. Our guts!

I have long been aware – are you? – about the value of our microbiome.

Cancer and Autism

04 Apr 2018
Posted by oliver

Sometimes the blindingly obvious can remain stubbornly invisible, even when right in front of our eyes. Sometimes we find ways of ignoring it, be that because we are too busy or over-burdened. Other times we dismiss it as implausible as it doesn’t fit our previously held views – at least, until we read it or ponder if for the 3rd/6th/10th time etc. Suddenly we get the dawning flash of understanding. How did I ignore that for so long, you ask yourself?

Posted by oliver

2018 is almost certain to bring more house misery than 2017 to more people. It’s a sad reality of “modern life”, the pressures upon many people in the corporate influence.

We will also see a greater deluge of appeals for our ££’s to find a cure for this scourge. But the cost will be astronomic and probably beyond affordable (by an overstretched NHS) in many cases.

We won’t see, unless, in my opinion, pigs fly, a massive upsurge in funding to provide policies to enable better lifestyles, or curtailment of promotion of products which cause cancer, etc.

Posted by oliver

Testimonials – what are they worth?  I don’t record every occasion when someone lavishes praise on the power or impact that the broccoli sprout or wheatgrass juices bring to them and their health.  Not all customers comment, but many often do, apart from through being a regular customer, and for a multitude of reasons. Rather than hide them away, I thought I would publish some as it is good to share. I should state that they are not medical endorsements but just individual people’s experiences and views. Here are a few! 

Posted by oliver

Many people know that broccoli is good for us. The media constantly remind us of this. But people aren’t sure how it equates to broccoli sprouts, or more typically broccoli sprout juice.

Quite often the question is trying to compare factors or things that are incomparable. One wouldn’t ask how many tomatoes you need to make a mushroom soup!

Posted by oliver

Sometimes somebody else says what needs saying absolutely perfectly. Max Tuck has just done this with an all-round superb blog about Sulforaphane. Her piece, which is not that long, highlights seven key beneficial reasons why it is such an important compound. These seven reasons categorise areas of health for which Sulforaphane  has widely accepted and profound benefits.

What are these seven benefits she outlines?

Posted by oliver

Wonderful news! Researchers are now stretching their gaze beyond pills. Serious scientists are looking towards food as being the way of the future for health care.  They are looking to see which foods have the best active compounds.

Recently news has broken that broccoli has great potential for helping diabetics, and even reversing the condition.  How?  Because the key ingredient, sulforaphane, has a potent impact.  

Posted by oliver

One of the challenges we all face is how our lives either end, or more often degenerate.  For many this is an unpleasant reality, or one we prefer not to contemplate. 

For those suffering with Alzheimer’s, and probably more so for those trying to cope with those sufferers, the degradation is both distressing and often humiliating. What can we do to ameliorate this process, or reduce the chances of it happening?

Posted by oliver

Steve Meyerowitz was known as “Sproutman”.  His energy and powerful insights into eating and health are there for all of us to take advantage of.  Sadly, this line is now historical as he died in 2015 in a motor car accident.  I feel privileged to have met and listened to him.

Posted by oliver

Résumé of the VAT tribunal seeking to impose VAT on wheatgrass juice

This is a résumé of the VAT case between Ocean Grown Ltd and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This is compiled by me, Oliver Dowding, the appellant. Whilst Ocean Grown Ltd., were officially considered to be the appellant, this was because Tonic Attack Ltd. was not at the time VAT registered. All subsequent references to Tonic Attack Ltd. in this article should be taken to understand that HMRC were in fact dealing with Tonic Attack Ltd. (TA), by referring to them through Ocean Grown Ltd.