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Wheatgrass support

27 May 2010
Posted by oliver
Sometimes we actually need a little help when we’re encountering problems. That applies equally to fixing a mechanical problem on your car, to sorting out issues that are bugging you with your health. None of us wants to be a ill, and none of us wants to be performing at a sub optimal levels of performance!
Sometimes you just need to see somebody else talking about what they’ve done.
Posted by oliver

David Wolfe is without doubt one of the world’s foremost experts on many things to do with diet and health, but exclusively from the perspective of eating raw food.  He knows what is the right fuel for a healthy and vibrant life.  It isn't what most people fill their stomach with!  I’ve heard him speak several times, and think his views are inspirational.

Posted by oliver

 Wheatgrass stimulates our metabolism and enzyme systems and the abundance of alkaline minerals in the juice helps to reduce over acidity in the blood. Most of us are excessively acidic internally, and the use of the extremely alkaline wheatgrass juice is highly desirable.