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Posted by oliver

What motivates dietary changes?

I’ll wager that this is the biggest battleground that we all individually face, every single day of our lives. Temptation is laid before us every time we read about food, watch a food programme, go shopping for food, etc. In our hearts we (but sadly, not all people by a long way) know that the more heavily advertised something is within the food world, the possibility exists that it may be the least good for us. Just think about all the adverts for fast food, sugary drinks and confectionery.

They don’t come as nature intended. They certainly don’t come in a way or format that your body requires or knows how to utilise. What other animal on this planet finds the need to eat heavily processed and cooked food? Which animals can’t survive without choclate bars, coloured sugary sweets, chewing gum, etc? Where do they find their doctors and hospitals to correct their dietary mistakes? We might ponder if they need them?
The huge food corporations have been piling in highly undesirable extras to their extensive product ranges for many years. They continually reassured us that all was well and there was nothing to worry about with these additions. However, in 2012, Nestlé decided there was something amiss. Without saying what that was they pledged to remove all "artificial flavours, colours and preservatives" from their products. We don’t (and probably won't) know how many additives were simply replaced with something similar, but “natural”, which has been extracted from some plant or other source.
A quick read of this piece, by the excellent Food Matters underlines some of the things which you may not realise you are eating. You don’t know, but your body does, and when it doesn’t like it, you end up suffering. Maybe not immediately as your body might park the offending ingredient in your fat layers, and the problem will only come to light. Later, when there is too much. You can’t get rid of it easily at that point.
So, what will motivate you to change your diet for something better? What would inspire us to give up the bad things, despite their alluring and seductive tastes? Would we become a holier-than-thou perfectionist with our diet? I should say at this point that I don’t claim to be that! I’m perhaps better than many, but I can still be tempted by many sweet things, and pleasing smells coming from the oven!
My guess would be that most people make the first big change when they either become aware that they are overweight, or sadly receive some bad news from their doctor. It may not be too late at that point, but the battle to restore one’s "house" becomes an uphill struggle. There is both the need to remove the original problem, and install a better regime/diet.
I will post a follow-up piece on this next week, I promise, and it's going to be worth waiting for!
Meanwhile, you may decide it’s a good idea that you are fuelling your body with at least one good thing, the wheatgrass juice or broccoli sprout juice. If you aren’t, maybe you’d like to take up this great opportunity? Just for a while, or maybe like some wise people, for longer.