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Posted by oliver

Confusion and contradictions on what is good for your health, and bad, can seem like an unfathomable maze. I’d like to offer you a few pointers which I think valuable and have always helped me.

I suppose most people would love to know there was a simple single diet that would work for them, timelessly and effortlessly. That is surely too simplistic a way to think one could both eat and live healthily. To succeed, we have to invest some time and effort.
Sadly, it’s far from unique to read two articles in the same magazine or newspaper which appear to contradict each other. Sometimes they appear on consecutive days, but possibly even in the same issue!
Broadly speaking, doing the simple things correctly is probably your best option. Go for real food. If it’s been in any way processed, and heaven forbid, has names on the ingredient list that you certainly can’t pronounce, there’s a fair chance that they won’t be much good for you, at least compared to the foods nature provides us all. The most important thing to, I suggest, is that what we eat is organic. I say that as I am also an organic farmer! If it’s not, I’d want to be very clear about who grew it and how, and with what non-natural “assistance”. Often by sourcing locally one can establish these critical factors.
Many people, and I’d include myself here, would say that the ultimate and best diet you could adopt would be a raw food diet, where one just doesn’t cook (heat/burn) anything over 108°F. It’s at that point that enzymes and many of the other ingredients in our naturally produced foods start to change, and often negatively.
However, I’m also pragmatic. That tells me that for most people a raw food diet isn’t going to work, beyond initial bursts of enthusiasm, and particularly in the winter. Yes, it’s very easy and can be very quick. But we’ve developed other tastes! Nut the seasons are a changing!
In a nutshell, and with summer coming there is the potential to make changes, your perfect diet is one that will suit you. There may be a compromising factor in that you will probably be cooking/providing for others and that can be complicated, although a little explanation and discussion just might see them join you in making bigger changes. Just keep it fresh, keep it simple, keep it clean. Don’t overcomplicate. Don’t become a slave to fads. Most certainly don’t get hooked by processed foods which are inevitably a distant cousin from the original ingredients, and generally an insult to mother nature.
Of course, its clearly worth reinforcing your efforts by beginning the day right, with an attempt to keep the best possible rest of the day in mind. Thus we start with a shot of juice! Because it’s so neatly packed, and so simple, it’s also easy. At least you can do that!