Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

There is a perpetual debate about the relative values of hydroponically grown wheatgrass as opposed to field grown. There may never be a satisfactory and conclusive answer, but naturally proponents of either option hang on to belief that what they’re doing is right. 

That most certainly includes me, and I suggest that our option is king! Both versions see the crop harvested at a similar growth stage/height. However, the hydroponic version will have only taken seven days to get there from a dry seed, whereas the field grown one will have been in situ for over 70 days. We generate 10 crops for each one in the field.
In the field grown version, the outcome and quality of the juice is entirely dependent upon the fertility of the field, and equally pertinently the availability of the nutrients within the soil in which those crops are grown. This is why when we grow our wheatgrass and broccoli sprouts hydroponically we feed them with Ocean Solution. For those who don’t know, the sea is blessed by being composed of every single mineral element in the periodic table of elements. Tom Lehrer composed and sang a song of all the elements, worth a listen if nothing else than to appreciate the vast array of building blocks of which we and everything in the natural world are all composed.
Some people think that because we're using saline based solution that we are going to kill the crop. It doesn’t work like that in practice. In the event that you have a serious accident and lose a lot of fluids, the first thing the doctor will do is to fix up a saline drip. Without sodium, osmosis doesn’t happen, and nothing flows from cell to cell etc.
Therefore, in seven days we’ve created the wheat plant that takes 10 times as long in the field. With the broccoli, we do that in just five days. Furthermore, because we're growing it without the soil, we're able to harvest the root as well. That root has lots of nutrients in it which aren’t available if you only juice the leaf. Why do you think we eat root vegetables and also leaf vegetables? With our wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juices we combine the two, giving you a much more complete nutrition.
Another factor which we are proud of is that our broccoli sprout juice comes almost overloaded with "sulphoraphane". It is this compound which nutritionists get so excited about in terms of human health, particularly given it has some phenomenal properties, well documented, of great value to people with serious illnesses.
Which option would you like? I could help guide you!