Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

I’m often asked how the wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juice Tonic Attack is marketing can have such long shelf life without any pasteurisation. Without giving away the whole game, this is roughly what happens.

The process all starts with a seed! Be that a wheat or broccoli seed, the tiny bundle of “life” is patiently waiting to explode. Once soaked they are spread on trays. As we don’t use any soil or other rooting medium – we grow to true hydroponic principles – the seeds must then be kept moist at all times – but not soaked once on the trays. Too little or too much water will kill the precious seedlings.
Each day sees a massive change with huge cellular division happening. This is all delivering phenomenal nutritional gain. To enhance that we feed it the most complete source of minerals available. Plants simply gobble up minerals to build their cellular structures. We use Ocean Solution – a concentrated sea water solution. For those who don’t know, the sea contains a perfect blend of minerals. Equally all seeds have pre-determined genetic codes which will seek to source each and every one of the minerals (life’s building blocks) that the seed needs to develop into a fully-fledged and replicating plant. Its the same with our bodies - which deficiency in our diets is a major factor in most diseases.
Once the plant has grown for about 7 days (wheatgrass) or 5-6 days for broccoli, they are harvested. That means each are taken, washed and then subjected to high pressure pressing to extract the juice. No masticating juicers or such are used (as is the case for most who grow their own at home) because we need higher volume juicing which the smaller appliances cannot ever hope to achieve. I know, as I’ve tried it!
After we put the juices in the little pouches and seal them, they go to be high pressure treated. This process excludes most of the air in the sachets, but more critically it’s done to neutralize any bacterial life in the sachet, and thus give the juice certainty of safely achieving good shelf-life. We are able to generate about 3 months from the points of treatment.
How much pressure are we using in this process? Well, think of ten elephants standing on one strawberry! This high pressure kills all the bad guys, but leaves the enzymes happy and smiling – and "alive"!
How do we know? You don’t have to take our word for that as the survival of the enzyme is well documented and reported in peer reviewed scientific articles – such as: “Effects of high pressure on amylases and starch in wheat and barley flours” by GOMES M. R. A; CLARK R; LEDWARD D. A. Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Reading. Food Chemistry  1998, vol. 63, no3, pp. 363-372 (18 ref.)  If you want to read more, follow this link
Finally, with regard to any harmful bacteria, there is no concern as we have an independent laboratory run a test on every batch.
So, with that little insight gained, it merely leaves you with the opportunity to rush to the Tonic Attack shop and load up your “trolley” with some of the wonderful powerful juices! 
Wishing you and yours lots of good health.