Tonic Attack Wheatgrass and Broccoli Sprout Juice

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Posted by oliver

I’m delighted to tell you that within a week or so, all the juices will be coming in Tonic Attack branded sachets! If anyone is buying in bulk, they will even get them in branded Tonic Attack 7-sachet boxes.

On this point, if anyone would like to have a bulk supply, which means 12 x 7 sachets or more, do please email me with your specific requirement, and I will let you know what the deal is. Given the shelf-life of around two months, this could prove attractive to those seeking larger quantities.
Achieving the new brand image for the sachets has taken 6 months, exasperatingly slow in every way! However, now it’s all done and you’ll be seeing the fruits of this effort imminently. In some ways, everything looks similar, but there are key identity variations and word changes that I think matter. I will be putting changed pictures up on the website over the next week or so. With sales and reach expanding all the time, it seemed a logical development to ensure that people identify with and feel part of what I’m doing.
This is a good point at which to thank both new, existing, and also lapsed customers for their loyalty and support. The juice wouldn’t exist if it were not for you! Recently, some of you have been very helpful through participating in a short customer survey phone call. Thank you. The feedback has been extremely useful.
Over the coming weeks (maybe more?) I’m also going to be launching some loyalty bonuses, both for those who are long-term customers and also those who recommend and secure sales to others. Meanwhile, for anyone new or wisshiung to renew, you know where to go!
I’m also going to be investigating the feasibility of enabling those purchasing longer term to return the tins to me for re-use. My long organic association and environmental awareness leaves me uneasy with the amount of “waste” that sending tins generates. Therefore, it is worth pursuing the potential to reuse. As ever, the obstacle is principally logistical, and reducing the cost to ensure that it’s at least neutral. If any of you have any ideas on this, please feel free to share. More will follow on this when I know how this could be achieved.
I am also (definitely!!) going to be increasing the frequency of communication, to offer information and support. If I find things, or have news that is of value and relevance, it’s pointless if I just “sit on it” and don’t share. Nothing will be lengthy, but it will all pertain to improving the health of each and every one of us.
As a starter, do take a look at this informative short video explaining why broccoli sprout juice is such a powerhouse of critical nutrients, specifically those proven to excel in the battles people have with cancer. Its No. 14 on the “Articles & Info” page on the website!