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Posted by oliver

Hardly a day seems to pass, when we do read a headline that says something like “Doctors pushing for new cures for cancer”.

Whilst it is obviously commendable, and for those afflicted it will be seen as salvation to search for drugs to "cure" cancer, it is an extremely expensive way of dealing with the illness. Given that "cure" is widely held to mean the patient surviving (which is nearly always in less than enjoyable/full health) for five years only, drugs should be not seen as the sole solution.
To me, the love of the problem is this. Doctors receive less than 1 day, out of 6 years of training, in the most basic components of health, which is nutrition. The body thrives and survives when all its cellular components of fed properly, and the overall body cared for considerately.
Sadly, there is  no money, proportionately to drugs, in training doctors to understand this, and then to ensure patients treat themselves in this way, properly. Why are we, a supposedly educated and sane society, not capable of changing this emphasis? Why do we educate our medical people, for 6 long years, to resolve problems rather than prevent them? Why do we, the people, not demand that our governments realign priorities to those we clearly need, and stop treating the medical services as a fire brigade?
Heaven knows how long we've known that the proportions of vegetables and fruit in many Western diets are inadequate. What is the outcome? For vast swathes of the population, perhaps a large majority, they aren't even eating the suggested but hopelessly inadequate five-a-day intake. One simple solution, available to formal than appreciated, would be to indulge in much more juicing. One juicer, plenty of fruits and vegetables, which can often be sourced cheaply through market stalls etc, and we would have healthy winners all round!
This is where the major gains can be made. They could be made tomorrow, cheaply, economically, perpetually. Which is the brave publication/politician/physician who is prepared to say so from the rooftops?
Anyone who would like a nice immediate soruce of juices to get the "new era" going quickly knows will find them here!!